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~~ when i come around ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ok. I suck at titles and I'm listening to Green Day atm. YAY GO GREEN DAY! Don't you think eyeliners on boys are just so damn hot!? *crush on Billie Joe since the early nineties* ;)

I just signed up for Minnopol at Minneriket. COOLEST. GAME. EVER!! :D Do join! (ok, so this is pretty much for Norwegians only, but just look at the cool gameboard :D)

Right. On we go! Love this time of the month - when it's time for the Bad Girl kit layouts! And to be totally honest, I hate hate hate it when I get kits I just totally love. It's like I get petrified when having to represent the kit as best possible kinda... buuut I made it...after sorta ruining and trashing two early-stage-layouts..trashing a number of precious papers in the process....bleh! Good thing the Bad Girl kits always includes so many papers - kinda feels like they include more papers than the average kit (11-12 pp)! BUT. I did manage to come up with something still and I really adore the results! Which in the end counts no? :)

I really wanna elaborate a lil more about these layouts so please allow me to.....:)

My two year old is so good at drawing faces these days - seems like only a week ago she was just barely trying to draw she's doing faces complete with eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair and legs...sometimes arms and body a complete pro! The title reads "headfeet" in Norwegian. "Headfeet" is the Norwegian name given to a childs first drawings - kinda like stickmen drawings. I've scanned one of her first headfeets and put it in the middle of the layout :) *proud mama* :)

What more fun is there to toddlers than a huge dam of water?? She'd be staying at that spot forever if I didn't drag her away from there - after I was done with the shooting ofcourse ;) I embellished both brads and clear buttons with glue and lots of lovely glitter for this one, aswell as cut out the drops from one of these shiny sparkly KI papers. One of the Love, Elsie frames was cut in two aswell to contain the title.

I love my scrapping buddies - friends who totally get why I get so giddy about stuff like CHA and great glue and lovely mailmen...friends who joins me for photo sessions with the kids and hunting tiny pumpkins across the town, waiting patiently for me while I'm totally lost in the traffic (soso sorry haha)...this is one of the oldest and dearest *waves a lot* :) I painted the Love, ELsie cardstock at the area where my journaling would be at, and stitched the cardstock to the KI Lace paper. Embellished the Maya Road journaling spot with the title, cut down Love, Elsie frames and ribbon and adhered it upon some strips of Love, Elsie and KI paper.

I've watched some movies lately (gd writers strike - I miss my House M.D!!!!!!) of the more beautiful and funnier ones has been Stardust. Lovelovelove. Oh yes, Neil Gaimans presence's really noticeable here imo - love his wry sense of humor and ingenious imagination. And the actors really seem to get it - love the small displays of facial expression & stuff really showing off...(Just watch when Michelle Pfeiffer turns young again - her look in the mirror...priceless...or the look De Niro gives that blonde boy in the end of the movie..snicker :) ) Now. Really. Need. To. Read. The. Book!! Oh. And Charlie Cox's just darn cute. Now that's always a big plus :)

Btw. Have you heard this gal?? British Adele - she totally rocks. Love her - do listen to her Chasing Pavements. Really really lovely and her voice is pretty intriguing :)

Have a nice weekend - the kids are going to a Christmas Party at the lodge tonight - an annual tradition they got with grand-grandpa. :)

Ok, er ikke så flink til å skrive så ofte på norsk gitt. Men! Er du norsk scrapper så bare MÅ du bli med på Minnopol på Minneriket!! De er knallgode på å finne på kule konkurranser på Minneriket og denne er en av de kuleste ever :D Bare sjekk ut spillebrettet (øverst) - kul eh? :) Ifjor var det en del konspirasjoner og greier involvert og (taktikk er viktig her altså!), jeg vet ikke om jeg orker blande meg så mye inn i sånt iår - tror jeg personlig skal la spillet gå sin naturlige (??) gang *fnis* seriøst - "kuleste spillet siden trekkspillet" reklameres det med og det er nok sant! Hihi.

Ellers viser jeg her noen LO'er laget til Bad Girls Jan kit..og så må dere sjekke ut Adeles "Chasing Pavements" - nydelig sang :) Fortsatt god helg - idag skal vi på juletrefest ...eller, ungene skal på juletrefest i losjen med oldefar mens vi damene skal på kaffe hos oldemor i mellomtiden :p

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ when i come around ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 3:30 PM

    Jeg har vært skeptisk til Stardust fordi jeg liker boka så godt... Da jeg rydda i bokhylla i går fant jeg den signerte utgaven min av Smoke and mirrors. "To Kine - Tales and dreams - Neil Gaiman"...*smelt*!!


  2. Kirsten Said,'> 6:33 PM

    La spillet gå sin naturlige gang du liksom... Jeg vet ikke hvem som var mest ivrig i fjor jeg *fnis*
    Men jeg gleder meg selv *hihi*


  3. Glee-scrap Said,'> 11:51 PM

    Really admire your whole Favorites of '07 SB Pages-you are one busy Mom! Great slide show!
    Thanks for the "Chasing Pavement" link. She Rocks, and the video intriged me, too.


  4.'> 1:02 PM

    Have been listening to Green Day this morning too (while cleaning the house)!
    Love your layouts, Ania, you are so talented!!


  5. Jodie Said,'> 1:56 PM

    i love your work, its so bright and fun.
    oh and im totally hearing you on the billie joe thing, had a crush on him since the early 90s also.



  6. tovetyll Said,'> 2:50 PM

    heia og godt nytt år!!:D (og takk for besøk i bloggen min:):)

    Vet ikke om jeg skal melde meg på minnopol da, he he, jeg blir alltid i dårlig humør av konkurranser ha ha, det er min egen skyld da....det skjer alltid noe rart ugh:p
    tror kanskje jeg bare skal kikke fra sidelinja...;)

    men flotte lo'er du hadde laget, så friske farger som jeg ble glad av!!


  7. iris Said,'> 4:43 AM

    I just love how you made use of this kit. I am officially a FAN of yours :)


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