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~~ April is.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 02, 2008
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Awareness is good. Can't believe shit actually happens to children every day and that even (stupid f.. dumbass) parents do stuff to their own children or ignore that stuff actually happens to them...ugh.. I feel so sad & so sick just thinking of some of the things that's been in the news lately (like, throwing your own child outta a bridge into a heavily trafficked autobahn??? W T F .. if you're depressed and really want to kill yourself and your it in a HUMANE way...stupidass..or better yet...drop the children, just have a go at yourself duh argh..please?) ...but..well.. awareness....
*sigh* pardon the language but things like this just plainly pisses me feel free to spread the word about Child Abuse Prevention Month...

Oh. It's now proved. Or something like that *rolls eyes*. No links between WoW and violence. Well duh.

It asked 292 people aged between 12 and 83 to play the World of Warcraft game while their levels of aggression were tested.

Ms Barnett said the results did not back up the popular theory that computer games made enthusiasts more volatile and frustrated.

Instead anger levels depended on each individual’s characteristics, with most participants feeling calm but tired.

“There were actually higher levels of relaxation before and after playing the game as opposed to experiencing anger. But this did very much depend on personality type. "

But this did very much depend on personality type.
D u h . It bears repeating.

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  1. Miia Said,'> 9:38 PM

    Yepp... it really breaks my heart to read about child abuse. It really makes me sick, so sick that I could even throw up! :( I never read more than a small brief of what's been in the news... I just can't.
    So sad....


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