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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Xstine & Trude Julie (LOOK! SPOT!!)
Rock on! haha ;)

Anyways. Poor Xstine was anxiously awaiting the photos from this weekend, so lazy me hurried wrapping up some editing tonight. Only showing two atm - will do more later and well, there's a good chance I'll be scrapping quite a few for the future layouts and stuff - dang - you Stavangerians (sp??) are so lucky with that LOVELY beach of yours - we SOOO lucked out with the weather and got this GORGOUS blue sky & warm sun and all that....taking piccies in direct sun wasn't all that bad, just looksieee...

Ps. Blue sky = I found two spots on my piccies....I marked one of them...looks like..dust on the sensor? Hmmm...

Ohwell - bedtime -- tomorrow is AMALIES BIG DAY!!! She's turning three!!! Yikes. My little darling baby is....certainly no baby anymore. *sigh*

I did plan on blogging earlier but never got around to hit post - here's what I wrote;

I am kinda going down memory lane today - revisiting ... don't laugh..... eurodance....haha..remember Another night? The reason is you? Coco Jambo? Hm. I should stop now before I embarass myself further ;) (Btw...don't you think the songs sounds kinda slow these days - I kinda recall them more upbeat..??) Ohwell. Short visit to eurodance - I think it's best to leave it be now uh. Ps..I'm kinda lookin for a french song - I don't speak nor read any french and I have no idea what the song was called or was about...uh..kinda tranceish, the music vid ended by some stairs and a bridge I a city..blueish hue.... a female singer....I guess it's from uh, maybe sometime between 2001-2003?? Maybe later..anyone??

My friend Kaja is doing her MA in Industrial Design, and is in the process of developing three interesting and cool toys for a Norwegian furniture-manufacturer for children. They're all supposed to complement each others and stuff. Have a look and let her know what you think & if you have any suggestions :)

She's gonna finish the (concept?)models within two weeks - and there are room for improvements and changes - although I think she's doing great already - esp LOVE the first one - a climbing tree which's so decorative aswell - but if you have comments she'd love to read them.


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  1.'> 4:16 AM

    aaah! LEKRE bilder! Gleder meg til aa se resten, og ikke minst fremtidige LO'er! :D

    Grattis med dagen til Amalie <3


  2.'> 6:42 AM

    Gratulerer med dagen til snuppa :)
    Kan det være denne sangen du tenker på "Kate Ryan - Dechante"? Var den eneste franske sangen jeg kom på, men det passet alle kriterier :p
    Kjempekule bilder forresten!! Dere var utrolige heldige med den blåe himmelen!


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 9:41 AM

    tøffe bilder :)
    og så mange flotte layouter i innleggene før her.

    Gratulerer med Amalie sin dag!!


  4.'> 10:59 AM

    Those photos are fantastic! And it looks like dust on the sensor, had that too.

    Did you use a flash to lighten up the faces?


  5. Trude Julie Said,'> 11:47 AM

    :fnis: de bildene ble jo bare sååå kule. Takk for en kjempeherlig dag og noen hysteriske latteranfall :)


  6. Christine Said,'> 10:39 PM

    YEY! endelig bloginnlegg fra deg :D kuuuule bilder :D

    og det der er nok støv på sensoren ja :/

    og graattis med dagen til lille, søte amalie :D


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