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~~ I can't fix what you broke ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, February 09, 2009

Gawd. Why don't I blog more often - now I have like, a looooot to share :p
The most important things first ;)
Or well. Maybe the layout first, for those here for that - then feel free to skip the rest of the post or somethin like that :p Emilie Ahern guested Pencillines last night, with a super Emilie-sketch. Loved it! Pulled out a lot of old and new Scenic Route for this - Garland and leftovers from my old superfavorites Cape Town & Summer :) Not sure where the chipboardframe is from, got it from Maren...anyways, love that it's base is white - just sprayed lots of glimmermist (Graphite) over the outer frames :)

There's a new camera in town..

Is that a D700 with a hugeass 14-24 f/2.8 wideanglelens?? (and it's friggin HUGE I tell you)

Still learning the ropes of focusing w/the new cam and how to deal with such a wideanglelens..

Lovesit when he does that to her - places small toys on her head unbeknownst to her :p
And lovesit when I can capture the whole thing :D

Did I mention I'm still learning the ropes of this lens?? I find the distortion quite funny and think it's pretty cool.

The main-impression... OMG THE ISO! THE ISO!!!! It's JUST AS I IMAGINED AND HOPED!!!!! Omgawd....My old camera is a D70s- ancient by todays standard - and the noise popped out quite readily at like definitely ISO640, usually earlier... and 1600 is the max ISO... well...took the above image of my nephew at ISO800 - it's amazing..... took some sleeping-images of AMalie@ISO2000. 2000! And like, hardly any noise at all to speak of and totally totally totally smooooth compared to my old iso1600-images w/the old camera....gawd!! I haven't pushed it higher yet - but it can go up to 6400 and beyond if chosing uncalibrated mode..

And hot damn I love it when I use my 50mm f/1.4 on this camera!!!! :D

>>> CS/Lightroom-wizzies - please look <<<
Now, I've got one problem - I have started to use lightroom more regulary lately and I love that I can edit the jpgs quite "like" RAWs (ACR in CS3 - and yes I know I can edit jpgs with that too but I can't recall how in the first place *blush* *lazybutt*). Anyways. When I push edit in CS w/lightroom-preferences it automatically turns into 16-bits mode... and when I'm gonna save it back to jpg I have to change it to 8bits-mode and well, thats when things go wrong methinks - the photo (when in proofmode) turns browner, greyer, like when you use a B&W-layer to saturate and get a certain look on the photos - cool when intended, NOT so cool when eh, not intended, duh. And well, proofmode = printmode uh, which means - not good for my photos (see the photos used on the layout above - they're quite muted and brown compared to how they were supposed to be - bright and well, more orangeish :p). So eh, my mainquestion is - and I hope there's any photoshopwizzies out there reading this - how can I keep my lightroom-adjustments AND at the same time be able to keep the dazzlin' colors when saving in jpg-mode in CS??? Or do I simply have to save in .tiff and print those....I assume I'll get to keep the colors like they "are" then, I actually haven't tried *blush*..still....I'd like jpgs not tiffs!

More scrapbook-related stuff:
  • I'm a Bella Artista!! :) They are hosting a bunch of guestartists instead of a regular design-team, and I was lucky enough to be one of those guests! :) Look out for me when the summer draws near :)
  • I'm so thrilled for Oddbjørg and Tracie!!! Ofcourse the many other talentful & more or less close friends of mine on the team aswell, but yeah - I'm most thrilled about Oddbjørg and Tracie - getting the big honor of being on the Prima Design Team for the very first time!! (okok, Im trilled for you too Ingvild ;p) (and to answer a pretty frequent question; no, I am not on the designteam - you're probably thinking of the PrimaDonna-team, who are the teachers of Prima :) Wouldn't have mind the dt, but hey, there's another chance next year :) )
  • Check out the Hambly-blog sometime tonight if you're looking for some Valentine-inspiration :)
  • And if you want ideas for Valentine-cards (and - if you're in the States - a chance to win the totally totally lovely collection "Splendid" which is one of my biiiig favorites from Fancy Pants......check this out :)
  • From Valentine-inspiration to Retro-inspiration - check out this retro-post by Luxe Designs (and look, a retro-layout from me too :D) along with a giveaway which I am not quite sure wheter is closed or not yet - again - I really need to post stuff on my blog more often :P
Just random stuff:
  • Sis&her children are coming over this weekend. Can't wait!!
  • I have totally totally totally missed being out on town. Last friday was so good and so fun. So good to see and talk to an old friend again. So fun to just drag him out to places where he can make fun of the music I'm going "dance! dance! wheee!!!" to like the good old days. I miss it, and although I know I can't go out like this like I used to pre-children - well - maybe I should try to make an effort to try get out like this at least what, once every two months or so?? (yes I have such a sorry life when I just can't go out on town like any teenager more often than that :p) Anyways. Notes. I still feel too young, especially compared to quite a few guys at the nightclub-section. And I feel too darn old compared to most of the girls I saw going out. Ugh! A lot of the girls wore black. I should take notes. It did however make me feel like I wanna find something RED to wear (I did wear red kinda, so..more red :p). If you go out with holes in your jeans (hey, I saw that's in again now isnt????) you're bound to get a few comments and touches there :p I'll try to be more less of a cockblocker next time to my poor friend :p.
  • Just finished watching Mad Men season 1. It's kind of interesting in an intriguing way. Can I just say.. gd fuckin' men?? (and quite litterally too :p)
  • Wonderful Coraline debuted to a wonderful third place on the US box office. It's amazing considering the number of theaters (and the nature of the movie -- it's made in 3d - which limits it some when shown in reg. 2d) it opened at. I really do hope I'll get to see the movie in May sometime. :)
Ok. I'll quit now. Have a nice week :)

Title: Early Winter - Gwen Stefani
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10 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I can't fix what you broke ~~'

  1. AnnaB Said,'> 12:29 PM

    Å wow!!! Stort grattis till kameran!!! Jag har en D50 och drömmer om en D300. D700 vore förstås ännu mycket häftigare. *drömmer lite till*

    Fabulous layout - as always!


  2. Kristine Said,'> 1:29 PM

    I had a problem like that in lightroom too, it turned out to be a colour space issue. I haven't got lightroom on this computer, but if I remember right, you can click on advanced options or something after you click on edit in photoshop, and make sure the colourspace is the same one you use in PS. I think I changed it to sRGB or something like that, and the problem went away.


  3.'> 1:56 PM

    OMG you lucky lucky girl, and now that you pointed out my Nikon D70 is ANCIENT hehe, I need to go and share that with hubby haha. Congrats on the new camera, have fun!!
    NO help on lightroom, I had the exact same problem and now I'm just ignoring lightroom cause I don't know how to fix it :(


  4.'> 1:58 PM

    fint å se at du blogger igjen, hi, hi. Grattis med nytt kamera! Kult! Skal investere i nytt kamera jeg også (canon 5d), men det er så stor etterspørsel at jeg må vente, vente, vente...til det kommer i butikken. Jeg digger 50mm linsen min også, men den er dessverre til reparasjon. Gidder nesten ikke ta bilder når jeg ikke har den (den er veldig delikat, så du må være veldig forsiktig med den - ha på "solhatten" hele tiden er et tips jeg fikk på internett). Og gratulerer som bella designer. Skal si du haler inne den ene jobben etter den andre. Ha en fin uke!


  5. Eli Said,'> 2:37 PM

    Der var kamera ja! Må jo holde meg oppdatert di høne *fnis* Kan tenke meg du digger å leke deg nå ja!! Herlig layout; - og herlige bilder :) Stikk innom i morgen en tur da :) Klem


  6. _Kine Said,'> 7:56 PM

    Grattis med nytt kamera :D Madmen er kult! Don Draper er ikke helt ueffen, altså... :]
    Jeg føler meg alltid helt out of place når jeg en sjelden gang våger meg ut. Det er altfor mye Eli Hagen-hår, hockeysveis og olabuksa oppi tennissokkene for min smak, haha.


  7. Oddbjørg Said,'> 11:13 AM

    Du er skjønn Ania, digger digger deg.
    ...og gratulerer med nytt kamera. Håper at drømmene dine om å bli fotograf slår til, for du er superflink.


  8. Tracie H Said,'> 7:41 PM

    WHooooooooo! Lucky girl! Enjoy that 700 hunni.


  9.'> 10:57 PM

    Hei igjen. Håper du får tid til å ta turen innom ScrappeMania. Kan hende du får en hyggelig overraskelse.....:)


  10. Xstine Said,'> 9:55 AM

    åååååååh! grattis med nytt kamera og objektiv ania :D jeg eeeeelsker det objektivet altså! det er helt sinnsykt :D


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