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~~ I'm in love with a fairytale ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another one of these monster-posts I seem to post lately. Soz!
Pencil-Lines was guested by Denine Zielinski, who provided us with a darn cool sketch :D Loved it! :) I took the oppoturnity to scrapbook some photos of my husbands grandmother, who unfortunately is terminally ill. Sigh. Cycle of life I guess, and she's in a good mood despite the cirumstances which makes it a lot easier for everybody, herself included.
I love how Fancy Pants "Delight" is such a ...delight :p It's kinda perfect for layouts involving err, older people (do I sound ignorant now?? or just silly..), and those nostalgic, old photos (next weeks PL-layout is using "Delight" aswell - just w/childhood-photos of myself). Anyways. Im proud of myself using !!!three!!! rubons on this layout!! And you just gotta LOVE the gorgeous & generous heart-rubon used in the middle of the page...and I adore this little pocket & phototags made outta the cards-paper :)

Spent the past weekend w/some scrapping buddies. Photos galore & stuff..
♥ u! :)

Yes they're downright s i l l y I tell you!!

I..ahem...was told to drive straight ahead!! And it was daaaark. And there were WAY more snow covering the ground!! Totally covered the lawn!! True story!! So, I drove straight ahead...and turned right..cause it seemed that time...the spot looked like a nice lil parkingspace...a lil large maybe, but hey, this is the luxury of living in the county no......only to be told by the dying-of-laugher-ladies behind me that I was on the lawn *cough*. Right! Turned the car and all and crossed fingers the rain would take care of any leftover-evidence of my lil mishap =) The lawn might be a lil bumpy due to the tires but I think it'll be ok ;p

Marie made some yummy icecreamcake :D

Sneaky Marie :p
Fell in love with this sheep ♥♥♥
(I love sheep!)
While grabbing for something in my bag this loose Prima-flower stuck to my uh,wristbands (what is this called in English??). Thought it looked pretty so decided to sew it on :)

Yummy food & drinks!

Silly photos =)

The results of our Round Robin in the middle of the night :)
It's like, pure genious to scrap fresh photos you've just taken and have it scrapped by everybody in the photos :)
(Round robin: everybody gets like 10-15 minutes to add something to a layout before passing it on. By the end you've got a layout which everybody's contributed to :) )

Yeah. It's cold and it's raining but it doesn't stop Marie from enjoying the icecream outdoors!! =)

Right. Mom's coming over tomorrow and Adrian's turning 8 this weekend. And I am struggling w/a nasty headache and have too much I should have done like long time ago. Yay. Have a nice weekend? :p

Title: Fairytale - Alexander Rybak (yah yah. eurovision. wohoo)
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13 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I'm in love with a fairytale ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 7:00 AM

    Yay - morsom helg :) -og herlige bilder. Gleder meg til å få noen selv jeg ;) Og du er en god sjåfør - om noen skulle fortelle deg noe annet ;) Håper hodepinen roer seg og juhuuuu for Stavangertur om noen helger :) :) KLEM


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 7:22 AM

    åh -friste med iskremkake så tidlig på morningen... *knis*

    Takk for en utrolig trivelig helg :) Gleder meg til å se resten av bildene også *YEY* Gøy fra ende til annen hele helgen!!!

    God bedring. Høres ikke noe stas ut med den hodepinen *klem*


  3. Kristin Said,'> 9:04 AM

    *lol* Så utrolig bra parkeringshistorie! Denne MÅ jo bare dokumenteres! Ser ut som om dere har hatt en heeelt fantastisk helg. Håper alt er bra med deg eller Ania. God bedring *klem*


  4. Ellen* Said,'> 9:13 AM

    Hahaha - artige bilder! Jeg har ingen problemer med å forestille meg hvordan det var!;o) Og parkeringshistorien har jeg hørt "på bygda" allerede *fnis*
    God bedring til hodet! *klem*


  5. Gladie Said,'> 9:58 AM

    For en herlig gjeng dere er :)
    Synes det var fint med swirls på plenen, jeg :)))


  6. mo9ca Said,'> 10:44 AM

    Guuuri så mange herlige bilder av noen helt alldeles skjønne damer ♥
    Ser jo ut som om dere har kost dere max!!
    God bedring med hodepinen, og lykke til med bursdagfeiring i helgen ☺



  7. Sonja Said,'> 11:42 AM

    Å masse herlige bilder. Så missunnelig på deg og det kamera.....
    Å kul parkerring hi hi.
    God bedring (",)


  8. Grylla Said,'> 9:48 PM

    Uhh, kule bilder. Takk for en kjempegøy helg, dette var utrolig gøy og jeg er også såååå fornøyd med sidene jeg fikk med meg fra Round Robin. Jeg vet ikke helt om jeg tør å vise bildene av plenen til mannen i huset ;) men jeg er sikker på at den har det bra (lat håndtverker har prøvekjørt den tidligere).


  9. Vibeche Said,'> 1:06 AM

    hihi for noen herlig bilder, sitter her og drømmer tilbake til den fantastisk flott helg med mye herlig humor. Godt å le så masse med dere alle sammen.
    Og den pakeringshistorien er jo bare fantastisk

    Tusen takk for masse flotte bilder, gleder meg enormt til å scrappe de, og tusen takk for en herlig helg.

    God bedring snuppa, og stor klem fra meg.


  10. jeni Said,'> 7:08 AM

    OMG Ania, I'm dying of laughter about your "self made" parking spot!!!! LOLOLOL
    You are freakin' hilarious!
    miss you!!!!!


  11. _Kine Said,'> 5:35 PM

    Råkul layout!!
    Og jeg vil også på hyttetur med Bergensdamer!
    Klem :)


  12. Staci Said,'> 2:28 AM

    Fun, fun pics, ania! Round robin sounds so cool! And I looove that FP layout! Way to rock the rubs - I always have such a hard time using rub-ons on my layouts!


  13. Cindy Said,'> 5:25 AM

    looks like sooooo much fun and the snow looks glorious (us in Australia are in warm balmy beach-swimming days)
    Have got a challenge for you, come over to my blog and check it out.


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