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~~ Life is a maze and love is a riddle ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, February 20, 2009

and FFF :)

  1. My schweeeeet schweet schweeeet D700 ♥♥♥♥♥
    Can you freakin believe that the upper photo was taken w/ISO800 and the latter w/ISO640?? And no noiseninja involved!! Totally, totally, totally schweeeeeeeeeet :D :D :D I softened the latter photo somewhat, dragging the clarity-slider to negative (like, subtle blurring) and ran a vintage-action on it (the tulle and her sweater is actually more like fuschia-pink :p)
  2. My nieces
    Miss them already. See photos above :p
  3. Mad Men
    I have to's intriguing and it keeps well, twisting...but not really in the normal twisting way you'd come to expect from a TV show kinda I, twisting the other way kinda, or not twisting at all...just..normal life-twisting or somethin...hard to explain, but I really like do the show despite it kinda annoying me aswell :p (Don punching the man who told his wife that he (Don) was rompin' with his (the punched man) wife?? liek wtf talk about blaming others for your own deeds ><)
  4. Pushing Daisies
    Cute!!!! Kinda hard to explain this show too unless you've seen it, and by just reading the plot it does make you think it's a too silly weird show...but....loooove the style/genre of this show (what is it called? kinda naivenostalgish?? uh??? anyone? Hm. Kinda in the same gate as Amelie I guess..?) And I just adore Kristin Chenoweth :) :) And Emerson's expressions. Priceless :D
  5. I'm not sure wheter to put Gossip Girl ('s my guilty's silly and it's sorta catty and it's sooo soapish and I love it......*blush*) or House MD (Hugh Laurie. Nuff said!) here. Both I guess. ;p

And there you have it! :p
Have a nice weekend :) I will do my best ;p

Oh btw!! Had such luck asking about Lightroom last time so I'm trying again; I did fix the colorthingieproblem w/ Lightroom to CS, but still have a petpeeve left: if I wanna save the changes in CS it automatically gives me .tiff (The only options for file format in external editing in LS are tif & psd as far as I can see) which is sorta not too bad but still annoying cause I want it to remain jpg and have to do "save as" (I hotkeyed it now but it's still a few more steps needed than necessary kinda). Anyone have any quick & smart solutions to that?? *hope*

Title: The Show - Lenka
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9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Life is a maze and love is a riddle ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 2:16 PM

    Madmen er SWEET. Og Don Draper er hot stuff! Oooog, Pushing Daisies er kjempesøtt! Jeg har sååå lyst på en sånn café som de har. Alle paiene ser dødsgode ut. Og Olive er så søt. Og alle de søte tingene de gjør sånn at de får tatt på hverandre uten å ta på hverandre... Det hørtes litt suspekt ut ja, men you know what I mean, haha.


  2. Helle Said,'> 2:44 PM

    Ååå jeg er kjempemisunnelig på kameraet ditt!!! Heldiggris! Men, er det veldig stort og tungt syns du?


  3. Dena Said,'> 10:59 PM

    DUDE Pushing Daisies is getting CANCELED! can you believe that?!?! i am sooo pissed off. I love Kristin Chenoweth she is just adorable.

    Come say Hi at BG's. Just a quick pop in sister. We miss you!

    and me=green with envy over your new camera! OMG those pictures are amazing!


  4.'> 11:11 PM

    Tusen takk for titten. Det er koselig å se på alle bildene du tar, barna dine er skjønne, og LOene dine er superlekre :)

    Ha en flott fastelaven :)


  5.'> 10:41 PM

    you are making me so jealous with your new camera!


  6. banglamarie Said,'> 11:15 AM

    Takk for en fantastisk helg ♥


    og du er helt råååå når det kommer til bilder og kamera. Gleder meg til å se bilder fra helgen ☺


  7. tovetyll Said,'> 2:34 PM

    sukk...bildene er så fine...jeg skjønner meg ikke på teknikk og sånn, jeg bare driver med hurtigredigering i photoshop...
    kos deg med kamera!!!**


  8. asksmommy Said,'> 4:11 PM

    Pushing Daisies = super cute!!! Ingen forslag på det du spør om som jeg ikke skjønner uansett -- Men: skal se Marit Larsen på torsdag -- og det er litt din skyld, som pusha henne så heftig da singelen kom :)


  9.'> 10:14 PM

    wow...gorgeous pictures and just like that!! great new camera!!!


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