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~~ I won't let him win but I'm a sucker for his charm ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, February 02, 2009

Celine Navarro guested Pencil-Lines last night with such a cool sketch. Here's my take. Or more specifically, my take #2 :p Had sewn on the layout and all before tearing it apart only saving the Hambly-swirl that's now behind the photo and starting anew :p (*wave Vibeche & Eli*) Love this photo of us and I am glad that we have photos from that day.

I've been creating mostly "pure" DT-layouts lately - as in the sense that they've mostly been made w/only one manuf - I've sortof missed mixing it up more w/diff manufs so I decided it was about time :) Papers from Sassafras & Hambly (swirl & circle), transparency & rubons (love how the birdies turned out :)) from Hambly, selfmade pin and felt-heart (my first and uh, for now, only try on needlefelting ;p), tulle (lovesit but you might have guessed that by now ;p) and I LOVE the pebble from Prima :) (I've had it for months -- and not been able to use it cause I've loved them so much that I wanted to save them forever - and then all of a sudden I've used two in like two days :p) and ofc - glimmer mist on the corrugated board & tags (vintage pink and suede).

For closeups, see my prev post.

PS! Check out the winners for my sketch when I guested Scrap in Japan in January!! They got in 76 submissions (amazing!) and I went over and over and over again trying to pick my favorites (try to pick favorites from so many took its time :P)!! So fun, thank you SO much for having me and for joining in! :D Check them out here :D :

Title: "Trouble is a friend" - Lenka (love the vid, check it out :) )
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18 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I won't let him win but I'm a sucker for his charm ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 11:37 AM

    Den ble jo sååå fin den layouten! Og du er jo bare gullego`Ania *klemme masse på* Var en spes dag ja og godt å ha gode latterfulle minner fra den også (og nå er det jo dumt at jeg slettet alle badeandbildene sant? *lol* Liker disse titlene dine som du har for tiden forresten. Måtte bare si det ;) KLEM


  2. Tracie H Said,'> 12:51 PM

    Stunning page Ania - I adore your felted heart.


  3.'> 6:12 PM

    Nydelig side, Ania!


  4. Brenda Hurd Said,'> 11:23 PM

    absolutley amazing!!!! Love it - know what you mean about mixing it up - thats what makes challenges like Pencil lines so great! I've got Celine's sketch down - cant wait to try it out!


  5. milkcan Said,'> 5:14 PM

    It's nice to create for yourself every once in a while, huh? Love your gorgeous layout (as always)!!


  6. pepsigirl Said,'> 5:00 AM

    *lOvE* that page Ania! 76 submissions??? Wow too COOL!


  7. Rosy Said,'> 12:24 PM

    muy bello!
    saludos desde Chile!

    Rosy :p


  8.'> 4:03 PM

    love your layout this week!!!
    hope you are doing ok!!!
    miss "chatting" with you.


  9.'> 8:55 PM

    that's makes me wanna play along!


  10.'> 1:25 PM

    that page chica. . . is absolutely awesome. the colors alone is out of this world!!


  11.'> 3:57 AM

    Congats on Bella! Yeah for you!


  12. Gina de Jong Said,'> 2:44 PM

    Hey Ania - I am just popping in to say HI!!!! I miss you!!! also had to officially thank you for the link to Metrodad (so long ago) he is the funniest dude ever!!!!!


  13. tovetyll Said,'> 10:45 PM

    å nå er det lenge siden jeg har vært i bloggen din, unnskyld unnskyld!! så mye fint du har laget, nå har jeg scrollet nedover og blitt forvirret he he men særlig den lo'en med ringene og passbildene var veldig kul, også tar du så fine bilder!!
    nå har jeg sett så mange blogger, så nå må jeg nesten gå og scrappe jeg har et halvsydd lite monster også

    super helg til deg**


  14.'> 5:51 AM

    Lovely page ! Glad you are getting to use your stash, it's always a problem isn't it ? Not wanting to break into the pretty stuff, hoardinng ?

    Hope your weekend was good ! Aida


  15. Cindy Said,'> 2:26 AM

    Absolutely gorgeous.

    Pop over to my blog at I have an award for you!! I hope you dont already have one

    I love your work.


  16. yumiko Said,'> 3:12 AM

    Hi!! I really enjoyed your beautiful sketch of SIJ.Thank you
    so much!!


  17. Scrap Simply Said,'> 4:57 AM

    Just found your blog! I love your layouts!


  18. yuko.a Said,'> 3:13 PM

    Thank you so much for choosing fav.and guest D!
    Pls remember that there are many Japanse scrapper who love you!!


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