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~~ oops ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scheduling posts is quite nifty.
It's great, actually.
Not so great when you realize you've misunderstood and got some facts wrong.
It wasn't Fathers Day (this past) sunday.
The many posters for Fathers Day 21st at several storewindows told me that much.
But I couldn't do much cause I was in London, the post went up as scheduled and I didn't feel like running to the nearest Inet-cafe to fix it, so I just filed it away under annoying stuff to correct when getting home.

Quick-editing 400-something photos from London atm and resting out after the vaccay (vaccays can be exhausting. Esp when insiting on using high heeled shoes half the time :P).
Just thought I'd mention that yeah, I know it's not Fathers Day for another week yet (for most English-speaking countries that is).

Totally gonna share some photos and more scrappy stuff when I'm done. But for now -
sharing my Hambly-lift of the amazing Amanda Johnson aka CandiMandi :)
Had so much fun channeling my inner CandiMandi w/gesso, scrap-papers, stickers, yummy rub-ons & stuff. Love her style :D

Go check out what the other girls did!! :)
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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ oops ~~'

  1. Aquarell Said,'> 7:21 PM

    Kjempefloo LO.
    Og alle kan ta feil av dagene...:D


  2. Torill Said,'> 8:58 PM

    Du er jammen rå til dette!! Tusen takk for inspirasjon:0)


  3.'> 9:18 AM

    LOL Ania!! Cant wait to see some photos
    hugs xx


  4. _Kine Said,'> 9:45 PM

    Ikkeno er så slitsomt som å være på ferie :D Rådigger layouten! Har fulgt med på candimandi i et års tid og digger stilen hennes.


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