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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pencil-Lines sketch #137 by Anna Bowkis and guested by the lovely, fabulous ♥Dena Coe♥!! :D
I used Fancy Pants here - papers from Summer Soiree, transparency from Arctic Chill, journalingpapers from Delight and Summer Soiree and felt from Playhouse. Other stuff includes glimmermist, bling from Kaisercraft and alphas from American Crafts. I have a thing for sheep. Sorta. *snicker*. Couldn't pass up the chance to take a photo (or ten) of Grys adorable sheep at her summerhouse to scrap my relationship w/sheep ;p

And oh - speaking of Fancy Pants -- please join their Fathers Day challenge here - internationals welcome too! :) Even though it might not be a Fathers Day for you in the near future (ours is the second Sunday in November), pay tribute to the fathers in your lives with Fancy Pants :)

Here's some more photos of this past weekend w/sis, my youngest niece and my dad :)

We went to the beach on Saturday - the sun was shining but the water was ice cold :p The kids loved playing around by the beach though, and Adrian was absolutely thrilled when he caught a crab like 1min after we arrived :p

"I don't like crabs, hurry, bury it!!" Tuva kept saying over and over again..

Sis - never missing a chance to soak up the sun :)
Throwing rocks on the water was the big entertainment for the girls..

I told Amalie I wanted a photo of her in her dress before she undressed. She wasn't too thrilled :p

Sis & AmalieTuva became a bit jealous and wanted her mom to carry her too :p
Me & dadAmalie didn't want sis to sunbath alone.
My dad & Amalie
Went for a mini hike on Sunday - here Simen is showing dad where the seven mountains are.
The munchkins
Sis & Tuva
My sister, dad & me
(prior to this photo I was standing where sis was standing and I was like, hey, I'm extra small here, let's swap - I'm the bigsis after all! :p)

All in all, we had a lovely weekend w/nice weather :)

Title: "Perfect" -Alanis Morissette

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~I'm doing this for your own damn good ~~'

  1.'> 1:12 PM

    Her var det kommet mye nytt siden sist jeg var innom. Kul sauelayout og de MM layoutene var jo helt raa, alle som en. Velfortjent runner up posisjon. Synd de skal slutte. Litt deprimerende egentlig, med alt som slutter og gaar konk for tiden. Ha en fin uke!


  2. Zarah Said,'> 3:37 PM

    I love that song!! Now you put it into my head... *sings*

    You atke such amazing photos - and your LO is just faaaaaaaabulous!


  3. Maren Said,'> 5:54 PM

    Altså...... den sauelayouten! Oh my god!
    Råflotte bilder ellers også :D


  4. Grylla Said,'> 6:38 PM

    Ohhh, søte sauen. Jeg er også litt svak for disse ulldottene, tar meg i å klappe dem når jeg passerer av og til (de er i kermaikk med pels og veldig gode å klappe :D)
    Takk for koselig selskap på tur i forrige uke, det ser ut som du har hatt en flotters helg i fineværet sammen med de tilreisende.


  5. Solfrid Said,'> 7:30 PM

    Så hæærlig saue LO! Og masse flotte sommerbilder av dere.:D


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