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~~ Quiet business ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, June 05, 2009
Just some snapshots from this week.

Someone's been painting (Amalie ofc). I kinda like the splotches of colors here. And yeah, it was brand new before I used it on the table she painted on :p

Adrian playing hard to get, so Simen had to capture him in order for me to finally get a photo of him :p (at the summer-celebration at kindergarten)

Making faces..
More faces..
Sillying it up with the kids at school (instead of paying attention to the school-play)
Happy Amalie..she kept saying over and over again how great the kids who sang&danced were :p (she's easily impressed that kid ;p)
Hubby w/his bro and bro's wife..still at the school-play.
Flare on!
Somebody's been a good girl!!
(me and Regina Spektor painted the terrace today)

The kids found a funny insect/moth/butterfly/whatev. outside It was HUGE! Way too huge for my liking. (um....5 cm or so :p)
And pink. Ick!

Anyone's got an idea what this is at all?? Looks like a mix of a moth and butterfly...
The kids are outside petting it atm :p

Update: it's got its own house now :p
Update2: Thanks to AnetteS's Pej - it's apparently an Elephant Hawk Moth - more commonly found in England, Ireland and Wales and some areas of Scotland....NOT common in Norway as far as he knows. Right! The kids let it loose now, I hope it flew away cuz I don't like insects no matter how pretty colors they have :p

Kids :p

Oh by the way. What do you do with photos of kids at plays/singing/entertaining at school/kindergarten?? Do you share them? Even though you have no idea wheter it's ok or not to share images of other peoples kids on the web? But it's like. They're up there on the stage entertaining w/a zillion other parents taking photos aswell. And with a lot of people on facebook and stuff these days you know there's bound to be some putting photos up there sorta hm? Hm.
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Quiet business ~~'

  1. Yasmin Said,'> 1:18 AM

    oi! så sinnsykt kult insekt! :) jeg er enig med deg, jeg er ikke overhappy for inskter jeg heller..Jeg freaker ut av humler, bier og sånne insekter.. Men denne møllen var jo veldig vakker da! :)

    Ha en flott helg Ania!


  2.'> 6:54 AM

    hello beautiful... gorgeous photos as always! I will be thinking of you on vaccay! :D


  3.'> 11:33 AM

    triple ick on the moth!!!!
    love all the life shots!!!
    and that layout from previous post is gorgeous (of course!)


  4.'> 5:41 PM

    loving all the snapshots hun!
    Anna x


  5. Tracie H Said,'> 6:08 AM

    Hello you!
    Stunning photographs as always.
    Can we catch up soon?


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