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~~ Amaliemania! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, September 18, 2009
I've hardly taken any photos of the kids since starting to work.
I take a lot of photos at work, and when I get home I'm pretty exhausted. Lazy. And so on.
Note to self: try to change that.
So. I've been walking with Amalie to the kindergarten before work a few times, and figured I'd snap some photos at the same time. So there you go. Amaliemania! ;p

She loves to listen to "mommys music". Daddys music? Not so much. She'll bug daddy to switch.
Mommymusic = a personal guarantee that it's quality music ;p (*cough*) Oh, and whenever she hears a song she knows I like on the radio, she'll bug me and say "Mommy, that's the song YOU LOVE!".

She loves to eat bread with brown cheese (sorta norwegian speciality..goat cheese ;p) with mayonnaise. *ugh* Oh, and with cucumber on top. *doubleugh*

They had the police visiting the kindergarten the other day, and Amalie came home exlaiming that if we ever get thieves in our home we had to dial "one-one, one-one, two!". "One, one, two?" I asked. Yes, "one-one, one-one, two!" she solemny said, if we ever heard "loud noises" we had to call that number. Good girl. Except. It's 1-1-2, not 1-1-1-1-2 sweetie :p

She's been planning her birthday (which by the way, isn't until April next year). We're to buy her three presents, "Littlest pet shop", "princesses" and a third gift she haven't really decided yet. Um. Whatever you say pumpkin.

She still tries to cry whenever she doesn't want to do something, or doesn't like what we're saying. She'll pout and put on her whiney voice and sometimes she'll even cry for real (I usually find that part hilarious, which sorta just insults her further if she catches me almost laughing. Bad mommy). And hang her shoulders forcefully down - the whole deal. She's quick to snap out of it though when she realizes we're not falling for her tricks and (usually) ignore her attempts to protest. Unless she sees me trying to hide my laugher :p

She loves to sing.
And to randomly exclaim: "Mommy's best! Daddy's best!" and won't reveal which one's really the best. We're both equally best.

I might be wrong but I *think* she's imitating me. Or my camera. Or both.
What gave it away? Uh. Just a feeling :p And the fact that she made the clicking sound of the camera & pushed the button once mine did. :p

I'm may be biased but. She's so cute. And spunky. And in dire need of a haircut :p

I'll be back with scrappy stuff on sunday. Or something like that :p
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9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Amaliemania! ~~'

  1.'> 10:32 PM

    She is so cute! I am bad about not taking enough photos too. Time really does fly by with our little ones!


  2. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 11:49 PM

    Herlige bilder av Amalie :o)

    Ha en riktig god helg!



  3.'> 12:31 AM

    don't cut her hair.. she looks so cute like that!


  4. Eli Said,'> 8:11 AM

    Hihi - herlige Amalie :) Jeg skal scrappe henne og meg i helgen har jeg tenkt ;) Og du, som ikke tør gå alene for å se på brannmennene......:P Ha en fin helg vennen :) Klem, E


  5. Sonja Said,'> 9:47 PM

    Herlige bilder, og ja hun var veldig kul på håret!


  6.'> 8:10 PM

    lovely photos hun, Amelia is adorable xx


  7. Aquarell Said,'> 10:54 PM

    Så herlige bilder! Av en minst like herlig jente! Kjempeflott!:D


  8. Brenda Hurd Said,'> 4:41 AM

    beautiful little girl!!


  9. Ellen* Said,'> 6:03 PM

    Så kjempekoselig å lese om Amalie, og herlige bilder!:o)


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