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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Scrappy stuff first -
here's my recent Pencil-Lines (#152) w/Janine Koczwara :)
Mmmm look at the lovely new Hambly-stuff: the Old Lace paper (this combo was limited ed) and the doilies-rubons layered on thick transparency :D Oh, not to mention the clear butterfly-sticker stuck on transparency :) I decided to sew the paper to white corrugated cardstock (doesn't show too well here I think?) then dry-brush the paper w/white gesso (obvs I needed to do a better job at covering the top, but ahwell)....then I wanted to play off on the lace-pattern by adding a layer of white tulle over it, so that it'd look like it had real texture sorta. Think it worked out pretty well irl, but the picture doesn't really show the layers..

This past weekend I cashed in my bdaypressie from the hubby... a 6-hour-long-hike - which sort of got sabotaged by the weather.

**insert lots of blah blah why we didn't do the hike** **thick fog** **cats and dogs** **blah blah** **no camera because of the heavy rain** **windy** **blah blah**

We still hiked for like 3 hours...soh!

So, no images from the hike - but here's some from Spisekroken - the restaurant we went to after chilling at the hotel-room for a few hours (I might have napped a tad too :p). Loved the food - highly recommended. Small and cozy. And pretty darkish - all the photos here were taken w/ISO1250 (look ma, no noise ninja! :p).

Someone became a bit impatient. I'm sorry.
Taking photos of food Is.So.Addicting!
Especially when it's not often we're eating food worth taking photos of. Pwetty food! Pwetty settings!

His starters. King Crab.
My starter. Duck!
(I *love* duck. And bunnies. No bunnies on the menu tho :( *please don't hit me bunnylovers!* )

His main course: Roast veal :)

My main course. Lamb shank. Lovely!
(I originally opted for kid (goat meat), but it wasn't available soooo :()

Time for dessert! Mm.
Mine..(don't make me explain what it was tho, I don't know the words. Oh wait. Nutty. Heavenly. Fruity. Yummy! :p)

His.. home made ice cream of different sorts.

Oh, and mine again! :)

Then we watched District 9. Tbh. Listening to the South African accent of the actors (it's a South-African movie, duh) was sort of funny in a disturbing way. I found the movie somewhat cute and intriguing. And slightly amusing.

Anyways. A lovely weekend was had indeed :) And I feel old. Sigh. Instead of ending the evening at a nightclub we opted for icecream (Ben&Jerrys!) and an early retreat to the hotel room :p If that doesn't make you feel old (it's like, being defeated) then I don't know what does :p

Title: "My life would suck without you" - Kelly Clarkson

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Yeah you got a piece of me ~~'

  1.'> 5:08 AM

    O-M-G you take the most creative and beautiful photos ania! LOVE.


  2. Vibeke Said,'> 8:33 AM

    Utrolig flott LO du har laget her!! Digger oppsettet:)


  3. Solfrid Said,'> 10:33 PM

    Flott LO, likte bildene du har brukt, de var knallkule!
    Og all den gode maten... mmmmm... ble sulten, gitt... :)


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