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~~ But she's nobodys baby now ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, September 09, 2009
I'm falling behind on sharing my various scrappy projects. Usually I create stuff I can't show right away, and once I can I do immediately (or close to) - but there's been stuff like my bday&starting a new work and stuff lately so....!


Right, nuff w/the apologizes....I'll start w/the Nikki Sivils stuff for September - I simply fell in love w/her gorgeous line "Boo-tiful" (such intense colors...!). Sure, it's quite Halloweenish, a thing that's not really commonly celebrated here in Norway, but who says you need to use it for Halloween-stuff only?

Here I used it for a photo of...uh...well, it's a testshot I did at a girl/scrap-trip and some of the girls (I know who it is!!) thought it was fun to ruin my testshots w/bunnyears ;p It's a "just for fun"-layout and I love the way it turned out :)

Ok, can't ignore the Halloween-aspect of the line entirely - so I made an Owl-candybag out from the 6x6" paperpads and the Owl-chipboards (yes, an owlshaped minibook made of chipboards - I know there's a lot of owl-lovers out there! And if you're not - well - they do make cool bags for Halloween uh? :P). The paperbag is sprayed w/Glimmer Mist (graphite).

Right! Movin' on to Fancy Pants! :)
I made this bookmark for my son who asked me if I could help him find a bookmark (he started reading books for real..books w/lots of tiny text and none or few pictures :p... this summer and I couldn't be more proud of the fact that he actually likes to read...yayy!!)

I used a piece of chipboard from the Mix-n-Match chipboards, a sheet of the edgepaper from "Rough and Tough" and a lot of leftover-rubons from both newer and older lines from Fancy Pants. Oh, and the kraft-alphastickers :) If you wanna see more ideas for this border-paper from the Rough & Tough line, head over here :)

I also created a little grocery-list & noteboard outta the 8x8" square Mixed Media books, a sheet of paper from the 8x8" pad from "The Daily Grind" and a bind-it-all. For more info and instructions, check out this post :)

Just do remember extra strong magnets. When I went to the craft-store to buy myself some magnets for this project, I found something called jewellery-magnets. And they were like, small, silvery & elegant and darn strong! Way stronger than the usual large, black magnets I remember from my childhood (which I also purchased by the way....having a small stack of magnets here should be somewhat handy hm? I think..).

And finally - a Pencil-Lines sketch (151, guested by Irene Tan) w/white corrugated cardboard (LOVES!), IKEA paint (LOVESx2), glimmermist (love how it's perfect to white corrugated cardboard..note to self tho: Spray first *then* add paint. Not the other way around. Rly.) and pieces of Hambly Screenprints, Fancy Pants, Bazzill and Scenic Route (the chipboard).

Title: "Nobody's baby now" -Nick Cave (whatev)

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ But she's nobodys baby now ~~'

  1. Ann-Katrin Said,'> 9:01 AM

    Så mye spennende du har laget Ania!
    Digger den nederste siden. Oppsettet og detaljene.
    Utrolig stilig!


  2. Lene Said,'> 9:24 AM

    I would be proud too, if my boy was reading E.A. Poe at ,what?, 9?!!! Tee hee! ;-)
    Love all your projects! (as usual...)


  3.'> 12:54 PM

    yay Adrian for reading!!! tell him i send kisses from Singapore!


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