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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The newest Fancy This-post is up over at the Fancy Pants-blog. When I saw some cute heart-origami-bookmarks while browsing my reader I just knew I had to try my hands on the patterns. Especially with Valentines Day drawing closer. So simple and so cute!! And useful to boot too! Me like!

I made mine outta – uh – it’s been a while now and I forgot to write it down, but I think – 6x6” and 9x9”?

It’s awesome when you have doublesided papers with solid-ish fill on on one side and pattern on the other.

For more images of these bookmarks, hop over to the Fancy Pants blog! :)

Last saturday I had these lovely ladies over…

DSC_3993(and yes I see you’re hiding, Sonja&Maren!!)

Thanks for a lovely evening and for all the yummilicous food =)
I am now officially addicted to the crisp bread (knekkebrød) that Ellen brought – I made several batches last night and will most likely keep baking these……so good!!!

Here’s the English translation of the Swedish reciepe:

For converstions, check this nice site :)

1 sheet crisp bread:

2dl corn-flour

1dl sunflower-seeds

1dl sesame-seeds

0,5dl flax/linseed

0,5 teaspoon salt

Mix the above, add:

1dl colza-oil

2,5 dl boiled hot water

Mix throughoutly and spread on waxed sheet. Precut these and sprinkle (very) lightly some more salt.

Preheat the oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

Place in oven for approx an hour, check in often by the end (like after 50min) to make sure you don’t burn these (which I sort of did first because my oven was too hot…:( )

Please do yourself a favour – bake these!! Yum!

DSC_4154aLife’s pretty grey and dull these days. Snow, snow, snow and more snow. Blizzard-like at times. Here’s the bus-terminal right outside my work. Pretty grey & boring. Still. Sort of like the grey skies when snowing.

DSC_4157aIt’s been a while since I shared any photos of the view right outside my office’s windows, so here you go – a snowwy piccie of the boat & pier ;p

DSC_4057a Miss Amalie does not mind the snow at all.

DSC_4171No, not at all. (I know – blurry piccie but still, it’s my personal blog, not my portfolio, and I like the movementthingie in the piccie! ;p)

DSC_4182This is how the bathroom looks these days. At least when both kids spend some time outside.

(pulled out my neglected 14-24 lens for this shot :) )


Just gotta add this piccie. Amalie’s discovered Diablo 2. She did for a while ago but didn’t really get much apart from moving around. Now she actually do stuff in the game beyond just running. Go girl! Pretty cute listening to daddy explain to her the concept of life (red) and mana (blue) - “If you can’t cast any spell it’s because your blue orb is empty. Then you have to drink from the blue potion. Drink from the red ones to stay alive.” (And Adrian? He’s into Dragon Age Origins these days :) )

Have a nice week wheter it’s snowing, sunny, raining or blizzarding at wherever you are :)

Ps! I got a grant to attend Dok10 in Oslo in February. It’s a photodocumentary-festival arranged by the Norwegian Pressphotographer’s Association. I’m so thrilled about it – look! Nan Goldin (link’s to an interview with her..and containing nsfw piccies I guess ;p) is going to be one of the speakers there!!

Title: “Please don’t leave me” - Pink

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