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~~ I became a hopeless drifter ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, July 05, 2010


My Sunday Sketch-post over at Pink Paislee went live yesterday. I used mostly the Starlight-collection for this layout – both the papers, stickers and letters are from that collection. In addition, I used two of the Artistan tapes & a mix of glimmer-mist and reinkers. #52

The sketch I used was this one – I truly adore Skissedilla and their awesome sketches. It’s the second time I’ve used their sketches for a Sunday Sketch-post at PP though, so I oughta find another sketch-site for the next time I’ll be hosting one of these, I guess. This one was made by Carrin. armycut_cu1

Using the tape for journaling was pretty cool – but the tape is somewhat slick so you need a fast-drying permanent pen for this one. I used my trusty purple Slick Writer (American Crafts) for this.armycut_cu2  I even snuck in a small circle-sticker from an old PP collection – Fetching.


So, what else is going on?
Well, I’ve had a darn productive weekend.

I got my hair cut (& Amalies too), I helped painting the house (no, we’re not done yet.sigh.), I mowed the lawn, I trimmed the hedges & bushes in the garden (my arm hurt & feel jellyish now :( ), I even jogged (or well, attempted to…my condition totally sucks), did a quick midnight-photographing downtown (I hate drunk morons though..especially the ones who can’t leave an empty bottle alone but absolutely have to break them 15-20cm in front of me&my camera. Idiots.), I started & finished a minibook…hmhmhm..what else..we caught up w/True Blood…and now apparently have to wait a whole week for the next ep..sigh…oh, guess I should mention I baked different stuff, but I sorta always do…:p

Oh, and I read something that I found interesting.


Drowning does not look like drowning. This is too important not to read. Do yourself a favor and at least take a glance. In Norwegian: OBS! Det du MÅ vite om drunking.

Two. Why does the photos look lousy on the screen? I’ve taken a class on printing & colors once, where we learned a bit about this pesky color-management thing. I haven’t put that much thought on it since though, until now. And this piece explains the whole thing very well, as well as leaves me pondering as I’ve been wanting a new screen for a while. But. What help would that be when most people (me included atm) have limited screens now, compared to what probably will be the future in a few years, when these screens w/broader&better colormanagement will be more affordable for the majority of people sorta? It’s hopeless enough that colors pretty much almost always looks different from screen to screen (even between me and my hubbys screens..I’m too lazy to include his in my monthly screen-calibratingprocess, though :p). Yet. What looks good now because I’ve adapted the photos according to how many colors I see now, might look dull and sucky if/when I get a new screen & will be able to use the other, better/broader colorspecter sorta? Huh. Hm.


How’s your summer coming along? :)


Ps. Lookie – I won the challenge over at ScrappeHuset – apparently I’ll get some Sassafras-goodies in the mail soon – yay!! Thank you so much! :D

Ps2. Too awesome. Check this out: Light painting action movie (at youtube).


Title: “I cried for you” – Katie Melua

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I became a hopeless drifter ~~'

  1. Zarah Said,'> 12:51 PM

    That's one awesome LO!


  2. Ann-Katrin Said,'> 1:53 PM

    This is so cool Ania! Så utrolig stilig og jeg digger selvfølgelig stjernene du har brukt! COOL!


  3. LilleAsk Said,'> 2:43 PM

    Først må jeg si at jeg titter innom stadig og beundrer både LO'er, kort og bilder du tar.
    Men jeg må si takk for linken på hva man skal se etter ved drukning. Den trengte jeg å lese.


  4. HegeAL Said,'> 11:10 PM

    Det er så innmari digg å se at du liker skissene våre! Digger måten du bruker dem på og denne er intet unntak! Love it.

    Også vil jeg takke deg for kommentaren inne hos meg. Rådet du ga meg hjalp velig. Avgjørelsen er tatt etter magefølelsen min og jeg håper jeg ikke angrer så altfor mye i ettertid.

    God sommer, Ania!


  5. Catrine Said,'> 9:03 PM

    Jeg bare digger alt du lager ania! :)
    Herlig, herlig!

    Og forresten, vi pleier å dra til Hvalstrand å bade!
    Ha en flotters onsdag! *klem*


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