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~~ Like the future was supposed to be ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, July 09, 2010


Did this little mini for the Fancy Pants Designs’ productspotlight on the lovely bracketed Mixed Media Album. I used mostly the Wishful Thinking-collection to decorate it, along with a bit glimmermist for the canvas-front + a few pieces of Hambly in between. The post at FP only showed a few of the images of this mini. Here’s the whole deal:

ebday1a I only used three of the sheets from the minialbum, folding them to make the mini..


Here’s the back. I’m normally wary of using photos at the front/back, because they tend to get a bit worn, but I didn’t have enough room inside and I really wanted to add this photo. The muffin is from “Eat my Muffin”, a lovely muffin/cupcake-store downtown. I find their name hilarious, though. *nudgenudgewinkwink* *cough*  ebday3

I tried to stretch the canvas-page to cover the whole mini. It barely do, because the pages insides are so thick both from the material+the additional embellishments. I think it has it’s charm though – a mini which seem to be brimming always looks cool methinks. ebday4

Here’s the first page. The whole mini is about Ellen’s birthday, and I think I used most of the photos I’ve already shared here on the blog. ebday5

Eli! Crocheting! Hrmf! ;p
(but hai, I think that’s the towel she made me! so yay! :D) (This is the corrugated page by the way, but you already noticed, no? :P)


Sweet moments ♥  ebday7

Teehee…I saved the yummy Chai-paperbag Marie brought along and so kindly shared :) ebday8

*smile* ebday9

These were supposed to be the pages about the tapas…………! :p ebday10Really enjoyed creating this mini, and I love the shape of this minialbum itself. I think it almost definitely look more cool folded too =)


Ps. Really? This does not look good to me. “Are cameras the new guns?”


Ps2. Had sleepover-visitors (& baby K! Amalie adores him!!) yesterday, with lots of yummy food. Have to say. He’s not really “baby K” anymore – but a gorgeous, charming & active little toddler. Sigh. So cute. And soon to become a big-bro – looking forward to say hi to the little one :)

Ps3. Received my long-awaited necklace from The Black Apple. Been oogling her jewelleries for a good long while, but she only puts them out occasionally and in small quantities – and I’ve always been a week or two too late for these (I have her blog in my reader, which isn’t always (ok, never) up-to-date – which means I usually read her posts weeks after she’s posted them). Nevertheless. A few weeks ago I finally managed to spot a brand new post, minutes old, hurried to her etsy and ordered myself this necklace:


Little Red (Riding Hood) in the shape of a brass book! It could not have been a better motif for me – dark-haired girl, just like I was hoping to obtain – and in a book-shape! Yay! DSC_1392 The book is openable – a locket – and I just put my two kids in there. Naturally. This is so gonna be my fave jewellery ever, I can feel it!♥

I’m so happy! :) Love it when it’s an artist you’ve been wanting to get for a while (at least since last summer) and you finally get it and it’s limited quantities and stuff…yay! :)

Here’s the description of the necklace by the way:


This heart image is taken from my painting "Heart & Key".
This collection is the product of a collaboration between the amazing Jewelry-elf Lori (, and myself. Her craftsmanship is incredible and meticulous - and I'm so proud to offer these pieces of wearable, portable artwork.
About these:
The mini-print is processed on a beautiful, slightly metallic paper, which gives the image an opalescent quality. It's a bit difficult to capture in the photographs, but its really somethin' special! The image is nestled in an antique oxidized brass locket which hangs on a brass rolo chain. The image is sealed with a thick, shiny, glass-like resin coating. The chain length is 16" inches, and the pendant itself measures just over 1" round.
The locket is fully functional, and opens up to two empty cameos for your own photos or bits. These openings measure 3/4" around.
Each piece arrives nestled in its own wee kraft box, complete with a pretty paper label!

Title: “Taxi Cab” – Tracey Thorn

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Like the future was supposed to be ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 1:26 PM

    Så fint album. Jeg digger slike minialbum. Kjempeflott smykke. Fint å kunne bære med seg bildet av barna. Ha en fin dag.


  2. Lene S Said,'> 2:08 PM

    Herlig album Ania. Kjenner det klør litt i fingrene så jeg ser alle de flotte detaljene i det. Flink du! Nydelig kjede også :) Ha en god sommer!


  3. Scrapamum Said,'> 7:08 PM

    That album is gorgeous!!! I saw it on Pink Paisley yesterday and LOVED it!!!


  4. Mermaid Said,'> 9:05 PM

    I love this album, its so cool!


  5. Mahlin Said,'> 11:09 AM

    Jag har varit inne och kikat på det här albumet om och om igen men glömt att skriva en rad. Jag tycker det är helt fantastiskt. Jag har svårt för minialbum men det här är så inspirerande att jag rent av funderar på att göra ett =D


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