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Posted by Ania On Monday, July 26, 2010

While trying to catch up w/various scrappy assignments, I found these cards made for Fancy Pants Designs for July that I’ve forgotten to share saved for a rainy day (mmwell it’s not raining here. Yet :p):


First off – a birthdaycard for a little cute dude whom Amalie hangs around with in kindergarten. The Kraft paper is from an older boy-line from FP, the tag from the Rusted Sun notebook-journal. Letters from the Kraft line also.henning2

The chipboards are from an even older line of chipboard-embellishments, from last year I believe, or maybe even two years ago. Totally cute and I’ve been saving them for so long – but what’s the point hoarding when it’s been a year or more?? Sigh. My pretties.

I painted a thick layer of crackle paint (dino & leaf) & reg paint  (the star), sprayed glimmer mist (gold & olive green)  & layered glossy accent upon them when dry. Lovelovelove the shimmery, awesome look when combining chipboard, crackle paint, glimmermist & glossy accent! I’d do it way often if I had 1. more chipboard 2. more patience (it’s usually an overnight and a little more-process).tyra1

The second card was another birthdaycard for a girlfriend of Amalie. They pretty much always hang together when in kindergarten. tyra1a

It’s a tri-fold-card made using mostly Dancing Girl-stuff. And the aforementioned chipboards, this time w/regular paint and glossy accent only. tyra2Needed the inside to be fairly cute aswell ;p

ania197For yesterdays Pencil-Lines #197 we were sponsored by Nikki Sivils. Our guest was Rae Barthel, who made an awesome card outta Anna’s sketch. I made a card with the My Sweet Cherry Pie-line. Check out the other girls creations with Nikki Sivils! :) 


Figured I’d round up w/some photos from yesterdays trip to the theatre. We watched Shrek 3…in 3d (ofcourse – the glasses gives it out, doesn’t? :p). These pictures were taken before the movie actually started, while there were still some (dim) light in the room. This was ISO3200 by the way and I used my 50mm.

I’m testing a new “logo” on the pictures. Dunno if I’ll keep it – but it looks cute doesn’t? The label is from Kitchy Digitals – purchased via 2peas.DSC_1604a

Amalie is very vary of loud noises. And the theatre is way too loud for her – and we didn’t remember that fact until it was too late. Ugh. She spent the next two hours in this position – her fingers in her ears (and dropped using the glasses as it proved too difficult with two fingers in the ears). Note to self: remember earplugs next time! :( When we were done she was happy about the movie though.DSC_1606a This dude however, was as happy as can be.


Have a lovely week :)


Title: “Rockferry” - Duffy

3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I'll make this decision, win all the fights ~~'

  1. Jana Eubank Said,'> 11:41 PM

    Cute projects! I love how you crackled the dinosaur! :D


  2. Lula Said,'> 8:45 AM

    ÅÅÅ Det øverste kortet DIGGET jeg! Elsker når du bruker søte små detaljer og knalle farger! Jeg finner mye inspirasjon hos deg på det:)Grattis forresten med plass på Pacs Paris. Å ta toget hadde blitt for dyrt og hadde tatt 30 timer EN vei...urk. Så de ville ikke betale det...

    Ha en fortsatt flott somme Ania!

    Klem Lula


  3. Maren Said,'> 9:48 AM

    Så KULE bilder!! :D

    Og den grønne dinosauren... ååååhhhh!!!


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