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~~ DecDaily 6-11 ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, December 20, 2010

Well, I’m almost halfway there with this mini – so it does look a lot better when it comes to my chances to actually finish this one, no..? I hope so..
(page 1-5 can be found here)


Kraft cardstock & 3ndypapir – paper. And actual, sewn buttons! As usual, the numbered tags (and most other tags) are from Elle’s Studio. Opened, the pages measure 6x9”.


For this one I decided to do my journaling on vellum and sew it onto the patterned paper.
I also have to admit – if you ask me to tell you off the bat what happened on the 6th, I cannot for the life of me remember anything. Or any other days/dates. Glancing at the pictures from that day however, helps to spark my memory. Like when I almost forgot to, uh, “help” the tooth fairy and got up at like 2.30am suddenly remembering this – scrounging in the dark for coins. *cough* (I didn’t write that in the page…I’ll let the kids believe in the tooth fairy for a few more years first Smile with tongue out). And the kids got new cookie cutter-shapes in their calendars today, so we had to test them out by baking “Kakemenn” Smile


Day 7 – created with Fancy Pants Designs.

Even got to use their cool Christmas-brad here! SmileI have no idea how long it’s been stashed for, but it’s been a good while! Look at the cute little whimsical tree!


Also used the lovely around the edge Martha Stewart-punch Smile
Oh, also – I adore the FP rub-ons – despite how old it gets, it doesn’t seem to go bad. Some might go slightly dry, but still transfer wonderfully. At least that’s my experience – until now. Maybe I’m jinxing myself by declaring this now, though Smile with tongue out


Also, had two images I wanted to use for this day, but the design didn’t allow for both to be displayed nicely, so I made a quick flap for the extra photo.


Day Eight – using Pink Paislee’s Mistletoe & Co Smile


This page is about me handing in my last exam, and dropping by Ellen when doing so Smile with tongue out



Closeup – love this collection, love this tree!


I haven’t shared the backs of the earlier pages yet – but I do strengthen all the backs with extra patterned paper.


I’ve used the Elle’s Studio number 9 before, and I couldn’t find my second packet of these Vintage Numbers, so I just had to substitute todays number with a regular chipboard-number. Got to use the old Fancy Pants chipboard-shape while doing so, so all is good! Smile Papers, brads and rub-ons from Fancy Pants aswell Smile


That day was a busy one, and I just had one generic image from that day. Luckily I forgot to use this image from the day before, from a trip to the local library, so I decided to just add that to this day.


I just like the way this rub-on was used..


Day ten – and 3ndypapir as todays papers.


A plane-trip + the very first meeting with the newest baby in the family.


More Fancy Pants Designs – I feel like trying to use up the rub-ons and stuff – I love rub-ons, but usually use only one or two then move on – sigh – need to get rid of stuff! Sortof! Smile


I sort of cheated for this day; The rectangular image isn’t an iPhone-image like the other ones. However, I wanted to use this image as it’s a big day for us – the whole family (minus one) on my mothers side gathered to celebrate grandma’s 95th birthday. Note the sewn flap..


It partially hides the journaling for today, made on an Elle’s Studio-Christmas-tag :)


I’ve encountered one slight problem. Despite the pages not really being thick (sure, I do use some 3d-foam and stuff, can’t help it!) it looks like the pages together will become a huuuge mini (11 pages equals like 12-14cm or so – not pressing the pages flat together). Hrm! Really need to ponder how to put this together when I have all the 24 pages! Ugh! Any suggestions?

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6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ DecDaily 6-11 ~~'

  1. nazia Said,'> 12:10 PM

    very nice pics, i really like it and speciolly the kid on book, very nice and really good to see it,


  2. pattyo Said,'> 1:34 AM

    This is turning out beautifully! If it's too thick to close,maybe you could use rings to hold it together.


  3.'> 2:40 AM

    love the eclectic papers and the design! very cute!


  4.'> 4:24 AM

    I was just wondering that very thing (whow you were going to bind this all together?) I guess you might need to use some big binder rings? Or maybe just ribbon? It would look good on display, all fanned out into a semi-circle! Would love to see some photos of how you manage that in the end :-)


  5. rosemary Said,'> 9:13 AM

    Its so lovely that I'd hate to punch holes or bind the project, if I were you. I'd just gather them all and place them into a photo box. Or maybe you can custom make a box for this project, something like your Christmas gift boxes but a little fancier...


  6. Aquarell Said,'> 4:31 PM

    Så flott albumet ditt blir!
    Lager også et slikt, men lager mitt i et album som allerede er ferdig satt sammen. Funker det også, men hvis jeg gjør dette neste år, tror jeg at jeg vil bruke den løsningen du har valgt. :)
    Fortsatt god jul til deg og dine!


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