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~~ Little Boxes On The Hillside.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, December 09, 2010

In the last three, four days I’ve been creating 18 boxes. Eighteen friggin boxes. I *think* I am done – I am undecided whether to create two more, or to just quit now. We’ll see. Need a break anyways, and I’m in no hurry with the two latter. I think. I know I should streamline this process, create duplicates and stuff, but I hate creating exact dupes – I need to create knowing I don’t have to do exactly the same thing as I did. Sure, some might look the same, but it’s not intentional – I just took what I had and created what I found satisfactory. Today I’ll share the ones created with Pink Paislee and Crate Paper.


I was undecided on whether to share them here or not, and whether to add names or not to the fronts. I mean – I love creating and I love sharing, and I hate waiting to be able to share. And some of the recipients' reading this blog (if you do and see your name here, pretend you’re surprised when you get this gift mkay?)  So I changed my mind a few times on the names – but in the end, most are with names, but some are just generic.


The images are so-so – I mean – who has the patience to snap 18 friggin boxes in a row and make sure all the image’s swell? Not me.


I truly love the Father Christmas-collection from Pink Paislee. And you can see the interview with the designer of this collection here. And if you weren’t aware: there’s a giveaway collaboration between Pink Paislee and Petaloo going on right now. Hop over to enter!


See the diagonal here? Had some scrap-papers which were like this – so figured I’d just utilize it that way Smile


This one’s created with Crate Paper’s Snow Day collection. I joined Lucy Edsons color-challenge on the Crate blog. Do join too! Smile


And a simple one with papers from 3ndypapir and letters from Prima (love these letters).


Btw, here’s some of the boxes undecorated, taken with my iPhone. LOTS OF WORK I TELL YA! But it feels good getting rid of the non-used-cardstocks I’ve hoarded “just-in-case-I’ll-ever-need-this-or-that-color” Smile with tongue out

Right. Even though I’m done with the boxes I still have lots to-do-scrap-projects. Ciao for now!

Ps. Thanks for the well wishes re my exam. I have my fingers crossed too!

Oh and a question I got:

Vicki Said,

5:53 PM

Hey Ania! Thanks for putting up with me as your roomie!!! It was great getting to know you!
I love your PHOTOS!!! What lense did you use and which Nikon do you shoot with?

Thanks! SmileI’m using a D700 body and a v24-70 f/2.8 lens, although ever since I got my iPhone I’ve used it more and more for the snapshotish pictures. Most of the square non-scrapbook-images (and with fancy frames etc) you’ve seen here lately are actually iPhone-images (taken with either the Hipstamatic or the Instagram-app). It’s a whole new way for me to shoot, and I love it!

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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Little Boxes On The Hillside.. ~~'

  1.'> 12:54 PM

    How cool is that! Love'em, absolutely love them. Any particular template you're using for the boxes? Do please share the details.


  2.'> 2:31 PM

    teach me how to make the box! i wanna use up my cardstock too! :P


  3.'> 10:26 PM

    Wow, det var litt av et prosjekt du har satt i gang der. Lykke til! Veldig kule alle som en:)


  4. pattyo Said,'> 1:04 AM

    Gee, I didn't see my name on any of these boxes!! lol Seriously, the boxes are wonderful. I, too, particularly love the Father Christmas line.


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