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~~ Gingerbread “Hello, Kitty” on a stick ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, December 19, 2010

The iPhone makes me pretty lazy – it’s so fun to just whip it out and do snapshots with it instead of bringing out my precious DSLR. It’s the novelty I tell you. It’ll go over soon. I think.

(all the square non-scrappy images are created with either Hipstamatic or Instagram)


Nevertheless. We’ve been creating Gingerbread “Hello Kitty”-on sticks lately..


First, you make the gingerbread-dough (or buy it in the stores – I’m told the ones found at Rema 1000 actually is pretty good). Personally I like to make the dough myself. It’s something nostalgic about it (although, when I do think about it mom used to just buy the dough when I was little. I think. Smile with tongue out) Nevertheless. The stores around here were outta dark syrup, so I had to use the light syrup that I had at home. I think that’s why our gingerbread is so bright Smile with tongue out Then you whip out a largeish cookie-cutter (or freestyle w/your knife). We had a large “Hello, Kitty” one, so we made these Smile


Stick BBQ sticks into them (remove the sharp end in advance though).


Bake, then decorate when chilled. I suppose I could have taken over at this point, trying my best to create a little more faithful “Hello, Kitty” faces, but what’s the fun in that when the kids especially love the decorating part? Smile



I decided that the kids would get these at Christmas (maybe after the dinner – the kids sure will need the energy from the sugar for the upcoming gift-unwrapping ;p) – and took what I had at hand to wrap them up nicely. Sheets of vellum were folded, sewed and decorated.


I used American Crafts for the decorations; both papers, stickers, thickers, felt, rub-ons and badges are AC. The letter-brads are from another manu, Queen & Co I *think* – it’s been a good while since I bought them (and yeah, funny thing, I need a new spot to take images at – you can see the differences in the WB in the images despite me using manual preset wb and snapping these images within like 2-3 minutes, hrm).

Yes. I know I am spamming the blog these days. Vacation = more time at hand for the hobby, plus this time of the year = a natural cataclysm for creative activities that demands sharing .p


I’ll be back tomorrow with my DecDaily pages 6-11 Smile

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Gingerbread “Hello, Kitty” on a stick ~~'

  1.'> 11:54 AM

    oh my, my Lilly would love these, I need an Hello Kitty cutter LOL


  2. Kathy Martin Said,'> 1:55 PM

    Oh what fun to make cookies on a stick! Love the pinwheel addition!


  3. pattyo Said,'> 1:32 AM

    What a lovely tradition! Love the packaging.


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