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~~ What do you give someone who turns 95? A mini.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Last week was the week when I was like, trying to do everything at once. Everything I’ve supressed ever since I became obsessed about focusing on the exams and the trip to Paris and all. So. My grandmother turned 95 the other day, and we celebrated her this past weekend.

So the day before we headed to Oslo, I decided to create her a quickie minialbum. Not a very smart idea unless you’re fond of stressing, but … the creating of this mini turned out to be pretty painless thanks to a few smart choices …oldermor15

Choice one - I decided to use Pink Paislee’s canvas-album – sized 6x6”. It had uh, six pages of cardboard inside it – I created more from cardboard I had lying around (I needed enough pages for nine grand-grandchildren). I didn’t realize it then, but when I started I just used the various 6x6” paper-pads and adhered them to the cardboard-pages – easy!


First I needed to decorate the intro some – with stuff from the Sweetness-collection. A sheet of clear card, pop up glue dots & piece of felt doodad.


Then page one – the oldest great-grandchild first. I went for a very simple design involving the journal-notes. Also notice the top left corner-decoration..(papers from 356 degrees, note & letters from Sweetness).


These pages took the most time – the ones with this particular shape of journal-note, because I insisted on sewing around the edges Smile with tongue out(still 365 degrees including the note, letters from Fancy Pants Designs though)


Here’s my kid! He’s number three Smile (Papers from the Old School-collection)


Papers and letters from Sweetness..


Papers from Sweetness, note from Queen Bee and letters..uh..older ones..


Hey, there’s my girl – she’s 6th SmilePapers from Sweetness Smile


I mixed it some here – papers from 365 degrees and sweetness, note from Sweetness, letters from Prima Marketing.


Papers from Queen Bee, note from Sweetness and letters from Fancy Pants.


And the latest great-grandchild – Kasper Milan Smile


As for the back I took a Riff Raff tree I had lying around for forever (because it’s gorgeous and I love that shape) – sprayed it with white chalk-mist and added glossy accent upon. Y’know, family-tree and all Smile with tongue out The front was decorated with the metal-frame from Old School by the way, with letters from Adorn-it.


This was done in like three or four hours (minus the waiting for the tree&accent to dry, that was overnight Smile with tongue out). It felt like a huge task at start (you know when you feel like, you really oughta do this but at the same time know you’re just stressing yourself out because you don’t really have the time for this but still, you have to..) until I realized I just needed to stick to a simple design and the 6x6” paperpads. With the extra selfmade chipboard-pages (which was approx the same thickness as the premade ones) 10 pages were a little too much (originally there were 6 in the mini) – I think it should have been 8 or 9 pages max – unless I wanted to do some of the childrens pages with regular cardstock, but then it’d feel cheap compared to the other pages and I wouldn’t want to do that to any of the kids Smile with tongue out

I love this mini and I believe my grandmother did too Smile


pattyo Said,

1:09 AM

Absolutely gorgeous photos! You could be the next Annie Lebowitz.

Haha, you’re way too kind Smile But thank you so much – both for the nice words and for always being encouraging (I wanted to check your blog but it looks like you have none, so I have to call you out here on my blog instead and hope you see this Smile )


Psst. Seen this holiday event? Awesome inspiration *and* awesome giveaways too – at the Crate blog!

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10 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ What do you give someone who turns 95? A mini.. ~~'

  1. Heidi Said,'> 5:05 PM

    Nyyyyyyyydelig album Ania!!!!


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 5:13 PM

    Fantastisk gave å få!!


  3. Wenche Said,'> 5:30 PM

    Lekkert, Ania!! Så flott gave å gi bort og helt perfekt for bestemødre å få et album med bilder av alle barnebarn/oldebarn :)
    Klem, Wenche :0)


  4. Lene S Said,'> 5:39 PM

    Guri så flott! Du står på ser jeg, her dukker det stadig opp herlige prosjekter. Mange heldige julegavemottakere :))


  5.'> 10:21 AM

    the night before? are you a machine that eats chocolate? :P


  6. pattyo Said,'> 1:26 AM

    I bet your grandmother loved this album. It turned out beautifully! No, I don't have a blog. I'm somewhat new to this scraping thing, but I'm branching out slowly but surely! I do have a small gallery at Webster's Pages.


  7. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 12:32 PM

    Nydelig album Ania, og tipper det var en stolt oldemor som fikk bilde av oldebarna sine :o)


  8. Tracie H Said,'> 12:29 AM

    THANK YOU .x.x.x.x.x.x.
    Mr Postie made me smile when he called today - you are so kind .x.x.x.x.x.x.


  9. Catrine Said,'> 1:03 PM

    Du er dronningen av minialbum Ania! Rårlekkert! :)
    Ha en fin fredag! *klem*


  10. Corinna Said,'> 5:38 PM

    I love this. It's beautiful! This would be a great gift for a person of any age. You have inspired me to make one for myself just to see how my daughter changes throughout the year.


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