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~~ o.O Prima DT? ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, June 10, 2011

I see the announcement is on.

This is pretty ridiculous, but somehow I actually made the Prima design team o.O

It’s weird, I think this year is the third year I’ve applied to the Prima DT, hmm..yeah..third I believe.. So I didn’t have any hopes this year, but hey, it’s become a sort of an annual ritual, so I figured I’d try once again.

And now that I actually made it… I’m scared. And a little bit excited. No ok, pretty much stoked. And terrified, cause it’s like…Prima, you know?


Here’s the rest of the gals…lots of crazy Prima-talent here, so I honestly almost feel a bit like an outsider :p

AnnaMarie Mondro

Anna Dabrowski

Karola Witczak

Stacy Cohen

Trina McClune

Leslie Ashe

Maiko Kosugi

Jamie Dougherty

Trudi Harrison

Heidi Kelley

Anna-Marie Wolniak

Stacey Young

Hege A. Lundquist <<—Another Norwegian! Whee!

Emeline Seet

Marie-Nicolas Alliot

Steph Devlin

and ofcourse, the DTcoord Sharon Laakkonen, who has Norwegian blood in her veins! Yay! Teehee =)



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20 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ o.O Prima DT? ~~'

  1.'> 1:27 PM

    Gratla! Det var velfortjent :D


  2. Catrine Said,'> 1:38 PM

    Gratulerer så mye ania! Det var jammen fortjent! :)


  3. Tigger Said,'> 5:00 PM

    Gratulerer kjempe masse :) Det er det jeg alltid har sagt og fortsatt sier :) Du e fantastisk flink, og jeg digger stilen din :) Gratulerer kjempe masse :)


  4. Tracie H Said,'> 6:27 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS - its about time too!!! So very happy for you .x.x.x.x.x


  5. Stacy Cohen Said,'> 6:35 PM

    LOL -- It took me three tries too! I guess the third time is the charm, right? I'm so excited to be working with you on the Prima team! Your work is FABULOUS!!!


  6. carina Said,'> 7:09 PM

    Woohoo! Stort grattis, va roligt!


  7. Linda64 Said,'> 7:14 PM

    Gratulerer Ania!! Lykke til med et helt sikkert spennende år! Jeg gleder meg iallefall til å se hva du og resten av teamet tryller frem av godsaker i året som kommer!!


  8. Vibeke Said,'> 7:17 PM

    Hurra for deg!! Gratulerer så mye!!:)


  9. Yasmin Said,'> 9:31 PM

    _Gratulerer så mye Ania! :)


  10. pattyo Said,'> 12:16 AM

    Congratulations! So happy for you!


  11.'> 3:10 AM

    congrats friend!!! and BTW are you not on facebook?


  12.'> 7:57 AM

    That is completely amazing!! COngrats!! I'm so excited for you and I'm not surprised even one bit that they chose you! My only question would be... what took them so long? :-)


  13. Eli Said,'> 9:11 AM

    Gratulerer så mye!! :):) Klem, E


  14. Christiane Said,'> 9:48 AM

    weheeee!! you're perfect for prima!! looking forward to your fab work with their products!!
    huge huge congrats from germany!!


  15. Lula Said,'> 11:33 AM

    Gratulerer såååå mye Ania!! Er så glad for deg og du tar med deg en helt spesiell og unik stil inn i laget! Mer edgy og kontrastfylt! Meeee like:)))))

    Klem Lula


  16.'> 12:37 PM

    Så utrolig gøy - gratulerer så mye!!!


  17. mo9ca Said,'> 1:12 PM

    Hurra hurra!!
    Gratulerer så mye - about time, spør du meg!!
    Utrolig kjekt, og akk så velfortjent!!



  18. elina Said,'> 9:53 AM

    congratulations!!! you sooo deserve it! I love love love love your work!! Sending you a big kiss from Greece!


  19. Amber L. Said,'> 3:18 PM

    Yay! Congrats!!!


  20. Leena Said,'> 8:39 AM

    A big congratulations Ania!! I'm sooooo happy to see your name on the team!! Definitely well deserved girl! You'll rock 'em big time! :)


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