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~~ Tove+Trym: the prequel ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, June 12, 2011

I’m now almost half done with the pictures of the Tove+Trym celebration. I hope to be able to finish them tomorrow, we’ll see about that… You can find the three first peeks here. For this peek I’m sharing the images from before the hairdresser, at the hairdresser, dressing up + on our way to Trym’s place where the celebration took place..


I just needed to add this shot – I love her apartment!


Hi Darth Vader Wannabe! =)


Her second friend arrived the hairdresser..


I just like this shot..


And this one, teehee…sorry Tove….I sort of find this one cute…reminds me a bit of the cute lil’ mogwai (gremlin) sort of….




I love her expression here..


Look how pretty, with little butterflyhairclips and real roses in her hair..


Aahh..looking in the mirror..


- Lemme have a look too!


Leaving the hairdresser…

(I snuck out the huge glass windows to the left before they went out so I could be ready for this one :P)


Singing on the way home :p


I couldn’t help snap this image of her chalkboard…


Watering the plants & grabbing salad for the lunch..


Multitasking – creating a playlist, checking off the todo-list and eating lunch…






Our vehicle…




Right….soon time to leave!


With the bicycle loaded to the brim with stuff for the party!


I’ll share more peeks soon…hope you enjoyed this one…most of the images are edited vintageish at her request – it’s fun and slightly scary when the recipients knows what they want…I just hope I hit the nail on the head with most of the editing :p

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3 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Tove+Trym: the prequel ~~'

  1. pattyo Said,'> 1:07 AM

    Awww, love the photos! Looks like a gorgeous day!


  2. Eli Said,'> 8:11 AM

    Kjempeflotte! Godt jobbet min venn :) Klem ,E


  3. Ellen* Said,'> 11:56 PM

    Utrolig kult med vintagetemabryllup! Gleder meg til mer bilder! Får lyst til å gifte meg, bare for at du skal være fotografen min!;o)


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