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~~ Unibind Photobook + Quick Tove+Trym Peeks ~~

Posted by Ania On Monday, June 06, 2011

Ugh, I’m slightly behind as I just discovered I forgot to share this project for Glue Arts from last week, when we were given the Unibind’s Photobook-creator to play with. In my mind I had sort of envisioned myself scheduling this post, but alas, apparently I didn’t =)

Nevertheless, here it is, my photobook created w/the Unibind-machine!


For my book I decided to create a sort of greeting-book for a family gathering we recently attended. I wanted it pretty simple, and pulled out the oldie but goldie Scenic Route stash for this one =)
(yeah I’m sorry but I have to brag when I feel I’ve been a good girl actually using my old fave stash which’s otherwise just gathering dust…..!)


Well, the letter’s from Crate Paper, and the white tag used is from Elle’s Studio..but the rest – the embellishments & the pages themselves are 100% Scenic Route!


And while I’m blogging anyways; here’s a very few peeks from the “Tove+Trym’s Together-Forever-Celebration” I shot this past weekend. Those knowing Tove knows she’s pretty into the vintage-look, so I’ve tried to edit the photos accordingly. I believe most of the finished photos will have some kind of vintage flare unless I’m told otherwise.


I truly loved her home. I could get lost shooting details from her home (same thing could be said about Trym’s home as well :p), but that wasn’t really what I was there for, sooo :p


Her dress was absolutely cute and to die for. Perfect for her and I’d love to be able to pull off such a dress. Unfortunately I don’t really think I can. And no, that’s not a giant airbag for her bike, that’s a shroom. I think I’ll show more images of that one later on when I’m done with the photos.


Look at the cute decoration surrounding the garden! They totally lucked out with the weather – it was gorgeous all day long, making it oh-so-perfect for a gardenparty!


These are the only ones I’ve edited so far, gonna work on these images this week – hopefully I’ll be able to share more of these fun photos in not too long.


wedding week 1

Ps. Don’t forget Crate Paper’s Wedding Week *this* week, as well as the fun and inspiring Childrens Craft Week over at the Glue Arts blog (and as always with Glue Arts there’s giveaways with every post :) ).

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2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Unibind Photobook + Quick Tove+Trym Peeks ~~'

  1. Mel J Said,'> 11:56 PM

    I love these pics they do have a really vintage feel to them.


  2. Berit Said,'> 11:57 AM

    Heldige Tove & Trym som hadde deg bak kamera!
    Og dem har jo hatt meget gode kontakter som fikk det knallværet!!!


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