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~~ Quick recap.. ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, June 25, 2011


So, school’s out, and not surprisingly I was last-minute-everything on stuff this year. Like, when I wanted to bake oreo-cookies as teacher favor and ended up doing regular choc chip cookies because the oreo-cookies didn’t quite pan out the way it was supposed to. Nevertheless, made a little box for the cookies late in the evening the day before…this is the only picture I snapped of the contents of the box..look…Hambly Screenprints cupcake-paper! It’s made of a sort of thick vellumlike material, so I sort of imagine it’s great to place cookies upon, thick baking paper…?


Here’s the boxed up box in bright daylight..


It’s pretty no-fuss&simple…blame it on my last-minute-everythingness! The woodgrainpaper & chipboard is from Crate Paper :)



ALso had to do some gift wrapping, and what’s better than kraft + 3ndypapir-papers + doily + vintage paper + Hambly?? Not to mention repurposing a tag I already had made (for the Crate Wedding Favors if you might recall).


Love getting to use this elephant-paper (Hambly once again :) )


What else’s new? Hmm..


I’ve gone slightly berserk at ebay..this is Deborah Lippmann’s “Bad Romance”. I got “Ruby Red Slippers” the next day, and am awaiting like five more polishes. *cough* (I deserved it! Worked the whole weekend so by the end I was like, I’m so gonna hit ebay now! Love quick shipping!)


The obligatory Midsummernightfire…blah blah….;p


In the craze trying to wrap up the Tove+Trym-pictures I’ve neglected to share the other snapshots made while in Oslo!! Here’s my lovely, adorable nephew!! Sigh, miss him so!


My sister and I are both in our thirties (YIKES!), and have never been out eating just the two of us. Never. So, thanks to the kindness that’s Groupon (haha) we had tapas the first evening…just the two of us and a bottle of wine…. it was such a great time and we both cannot understand why we haven’t done that before. I guess we had to grow up and become adults first…(and have Groupon come our way .p)


Then we went around Aker Brygge in search for some beer..(or in her case; Irish Coffee).


Only found boobs, though *wink*


And a gorgeous view..snapped lots of fun photos of us two…


When I was done shooting Tove+Trym on Saturday, my sister insisted on fetching me (at 11.30am) and driving me to her home (I originally stayed with mom, but sis insisted I needed to try her new outdoor Jacuzzi). Well, I was tired and sleepy and exhausted and she insisted to make me drinks and that I had to try the Jacuzzi before I left and it wouldn’t be time in the morning, so I was like, fine, fine, I’ll go just so you’ll stop bugging me…and well…I’m so glad I gave in, cause every photographer SO needs a Jacuzzi after a hard days work!!! We sat there for almost an hour before calling it a night…lovely ending to a great day :)



The next day…me and my adorable nephew once again…and LOOK! WE’RE MATCHING!!! ;)

Right. Been a few relaxing days off work where I did pretty much nothing, ahhh (I worked last weekend again = I have days off work the following Thurs&Fri), X fingers I’ll get my CHA-boxes today so I can get started before work starts again on Monday!!

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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Quick recap.. ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 7:30 PM

    Heldige de lærerene som har dine barn i klassen sin; vanker alltid like fine gaver :) Og hm....øl for pupp, eller pupp for øl (hvordan det nå var :P) - kjekt at dere to tuppene fikk mulighet til å gå ut bare dere to og kose dere på byen :) (og hva er dette med groupon i Oslo i forhold til Bergen egentlig? Myyye bedre der?!)


  2. pattyo Said,'> 1:39 AM

    I bet the recipients loved those gifts! Thanks for sharing your photos--it's nice you and your sister got to spend some alone time together.


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 11:21 PM

    Masse flotte bilder! Så kul den gaveboksen med kjeksene i var. :)


  4. Staci Taylor Said,'> 2:27 AM

    Love the teacher gift and the wrapping (and the polish)!! what fun you had with your sis and nephew, can't believe you'd never been out on a girls date with her before ;-) Glad you had fun!


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