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~~ Tove+Trym: Preparation+Celebration ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, June 21, 2011

While I’ve already notified and gotten permission from Tove’s two girlfriends about blogging their pictures, the others were sort of aware (duh) of me being around and stuff, but still, I’m unsure about blogging photos where they’re in focus here. So, what follows are photos w/focus on mostly Tove+Trym (after all, they’re the maincharacters of this celebration), as well as some of the decorations/interior and not to mention; some of the infamous group-photos :P

And lemme tell you. Shooting in bright, harsh, daylight was such a challenge. Not only was the sun pretty harsh and stupid and made us sweaty and stuff, there were like, at least 3 different scenes – harsh sun – mellowish+harsh shade – indoor. Indoor was ok, swap quickly to manual preset & up the ISO some as needed, adjust shutter. Sun / shade – be quick on the turning up and down of the shutterspeed accordingly (or learn to trust using the worked fine for me for some years, why don’t I feel like trusting it these days? hrm) & RAW is a must I believe – so much information can be restored from the RAW files. At times I do wish I had an SB-900 (I only have a SB-600, used it for the groupphoto only), but at the same time – having an SB-900 permanently mounted on the camera would only have quickened/worsened the pain I acquired in my wrist from pretty much holding the camera up all day :p

You can find the other photos here: Quick peeks & Tove+Trym: The Prequel.


Preparing stuff. Like, power to the colorful lightbulbs in the tree. That’s Trym by the way. Hi Trym!


Hi Tove! The flowers were abducted taken from her home & brought over w/her bicycle. True story!


Oh, there’s Tove again! Hi! See me? Spot my lens? no? Si?


Blowing balloons. Uh. Yeah.




The caketable!


The caketable II!


Deco….flowers w/lightbulbs inside..


Mmmmminimuffins! Love the colors Tove chose to use for their celebration!




Aww again..


I dunno, just liked this picture & angle & stuff..but nothing’s really happening here, I know..




Groupphoto II!


Love her figure from behind (no really, doesn’t look pretty? The cardigan + the dress like this?), her hair and the lovely lightning.


Cute lights…




There’s the shroom I promised to share more images of…!


Miffy! Hi miffy!


Having fun w/pocketbooth ;)

Tove+Trym: thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day & capture your memories!

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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Tove+Trym: Preparation+Celebration ~~'

  1. Mel and Arne Said,'> 9:29 PM

    Great pics, I love the colour and effects in them.


  2. banglamarie Said,'> 10:36 PM

    Så herlige bilder!! God stemning!


  3. Eli Said,'> 6:33 PM

    Flinka! Oser av sommer og lykke <3


  4. pattyo Said,'> 12:45 AM

    Wonderful photos!


  5. Kaja Marie Said,'> 11:04 AM

    What great pictures! If I ever get married I'd love something fun like this.


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