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~~ Fancy a scrappy giveaway? ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, June 14, 2012

Giveaway closed now



I’ve been promising my hubby I’ll clean up my scrappy stuff and make a real effort to..uhm..become slightly more organized re the stuff I have.

Hum. I’ve promised him this for a very long time…time to do something about it!


So. Finally made a sort of effort the other day. Just a teeny bit of effort, but hey, it’s a start? So I found a C4 envelope and started stuffing it to the brim. This is what I managed to find that wasn’t opened/used. You see, I have a problem – I usually open things to just use one or two pieces, leaving the rest mint but not used… I dunno. Would it be silly to have another giveaway w/these items as well, or do you really mind such details?? Nevertheless. As mentioned…the items pictured should be nib/never before opened…and as far as I recall I managed to add one or two more items into the envelope after this picture was taken. Prima, Sassafras, Crate Paper, Maya Road, Fiskars, Bella Blvd, Pebbles, October Afternoon and Simple Stories, unless I’m not too mistaken.



  1. Just comment on this post. Say whatever you like. Yields one ticket.
  2. Really want an extra chance/ticket? Share the giveaway w/others (in whatever platform you prefer), and come back and comment again.

That’s it.

Drawing open until Sunday evening, and yes, open to everybody. I’ll announce a winner on Sunday (probably around 9pm my time…or if I’m really exhausted from working, I’ll post on Monday :p)

59 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Fancy a scrappy giveaway? ~~'

  1. Linda Said,'> 7:49 PM

    Ønsker meg denne pakken ja :) og jeg synes ikke det gjør noe om tingene er åpnet.... Det er vel få som bruker opp ALT fra slike pakker, så en liten smakebit fra en pakke er fint det også :)


  2. Eli Said,'> 8:21 PM

    *rekker opp hånden* Er gjerne med i trekning :):) - og som du vet så bryr ikke jeg meg om det er åpne pakker eller ei :) Men; rydde og holde det organisert? Er det helt din ting? :P Det er noe som heter kreativt rot får du si til din kjære og smile pent. Kan jo være at det hjelper :) (det og så en Ben&Jerry-is. Fikser alt ;) ) Håper du får kost deg masse med å være kreativ også; ikke bare rydde :) Klem, E


  3. linaliten Said,'> 9:19 PM

    Wow, vad generöst! Jag tar gärna en lott! :) Och jag skulle inte bry mig det minsta om något var öppnat, för mig skulle det ju vara nya saker ändå! ;)


  4. Nitasha Said,'> 9:21 PM

    Oh, there is a ton of cutensss in this package! Thanks so much for sharing, and I for one, don't mind open packages if you're considering another giveaway! : )


  5. Wenche Said,'> 9:25 PM

    Lekker give-away. Tusen takk for at du gir oss muligheten til å vinne så flotte ting. Ha en strålende kveld.


  6. Wenche Said,'> 9:25 PM

    Delt med link i sidebaren min også ;-)


  7.'> 9:38 PM

    Gosh for en herlig pakke!!! Krysser fingrene for at den blir min :D


  8.'> 9:39 PM

    og da har jeg delt på facebook samt retwitret deg!


  9. Aquarell Said,'> 9:43 PM

    OMG, så flott giveaway! Me really like!!! :D
    Denne kunne jeg veeeeeldig gjerne tenkt meg å finne i postkassen min.


  10. Anski Said,'> 9:55 PM

    Oh so amazing giveaway! I would be sooooo happy to win!


  11. Anski Said,'> 9:59 PM

    I also posted on my blog's facebook about this giveaway! Thanks again!


  12. Catrine Said,'> 10:04 PM

    For en flott pakke! Snill du!
    Ja, og flink til å rydde. ;)
    Og åpnet eller ikke åpnet spiller ingen rolle.
    Kjekt uansett! :)


  13. Vibeke Said,'> 10:14 PM

    Så digg!!!! Hadde blitt veldig glad for denne:)


  14. Linda Brun Said,'> 10:15 PM

    Fantastisk flott pakke , kjempesnill.
    Bryr meg ikke om det er åpnet eller ei.
    Deler link på facebook jeg :-)


  15. Margrethe Said,'> 10:17 PM

    Jeg er med :) Takk!


  16. Linda Brun Said,'> 10:20 PM

    og retweet :-)


  17.'> 10:32 PM

    Jeg skjønner ikke at noen klarer å la være å åpne det de kjøper jeg. Jeg er som en unge på julaften hver gang jeg har kjøpt noe - alt må åpnes, tas på og testes ut :)


  18. Sonja Said,'> 10:36 PM

    Det var mye lekkert Ania :) jeg sier gjerne ja takk. Ønsker deg en fin helg. Klem


  19. Sonja Said,'> 10:36 PM

    Det var mye lekkert Ania :) jeg sier gjerne ja takk. Ønsker deg en fin helg. Klem


  20. gosti Said,'> 10:57 PM

    Woohooo, mye snacks, så snill du er:-)
    Jeg bryr meg heller ikke om d er åpnet.
    Ha en flott dag!


  21. Kate Yetter Said,'> 11:08 PM

    Everything looks beauitiful! I can't imagine having so many things in my scraproom that I would have to give them away. What a fabulous problem to have. You are very generous. I don't own much Prima but it looks like fun for the winner!


  22.'> 11:50 PM

    love the buttons!!


  23.'> 11:51 PM

    I tweeted!


  24. Aquarell Said,'> 12:09 AM

    Har delt denne både på FB og i bloggen min :)


  25. Anonymous Said,'> 7:07 AM

    Love your blog and your giveaway, Anu


  26. Giuly Said,'> 7:21 AM

    Can i hope to win this giveway?? Thanks for the chance! Also my scraproom need to be cleened... I think.


  27. Asil Said,'> 9:03 AM

    Well, don't mind if I do! :D
    Elsker bloggen din, du har så herlig stil! :)


  28.'> 11:42 AM

    WOW! All those wonderful goodies just waiting to be used up in a creative way. Fab giveaway.


  29. Anonymous Said,'> 2:23 PM

    What a great give away! I promise to give them a good home! carol Myrick


  30. SuZeQ Said,'> 2:25 PM

    What a great idea to clean up the workspace. I'd love to benefit from this tidy-ing. Thank you for your generosity - your hubby will be so happy!


  31. SuZeQ Said,'> 2:27 PM

    You said "any platform" ... don't have a blog so I e-mailed a friend. Hope that's acceptable because I really fancy some of these items you're "donating to the cause" ... thank you!


  32. Anonymous Said,'> 2:51 PM

    I love it when someone else cleans up and offers me the goodies!! Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.


  33. Anonymous Said,'> 2:52 PM

    I emailed the link to all my friends so please put me in for another chance to win....


  34.'> 3:20 PM

    Gorgeous giveaway
    I would very happy if I win
    tks for the chance


  35.'> 4:11 PM

    C'est magnifique tous ces embellissements...
    J'ai envie de scraper avec...
    Pas facile de se séparer...
    à bientôt


  36. Evelin Said,'> 5:58 PM

    wow! awesome! :) I think people don't mind if the rest of the items are mint... besides, i think a lot of us are guilty of using just a piece or two and keep the rest of the pack unused! :P


  37. julie Said,'> 6:43 PM

    Wow! All those goodies look very scrumptious! Would be very happy to receive this giveaway.


  38. Maya Said,'> 8:35 PM

    Så utrolig digg! Hadde blitt glad om det var postkassen min den havnet i;)


  39. Pauline Said,'> 10:59 PM

    Flott giveaway, blir gjerne med i trekningen!! :-)


  40. Anonymous Said,'> 1:08 AM

    Looks like a treasure!!! Count me in!!


  41.'> 2:50 AM

    I admire your work. Thank you for the chance to win the giveaway.


  42. BerFuCius Said,'> 5:30 AM

    I love it I Love it! Awesome giveaway. Thank you for being so generous!!!


  43. chris Said,'> 8:10 AM

    Tous ces embellissements sont magnifiques !! merci d'être aussi généreuse avec nous. J'adore les embellissements en canvas de chez Prima ainsi que ceux de Maya Road.


  44. Eugenie Said,'> 2:21 PM

    I just discover your blog and your work through Craft Origin's blog and I really love what you do!!!!!
    this giveaway is such amazing I just love embies!!!! so here I am (crossing fingers!!!!)
    thanks again for this chance to win this gorgeous giveaway
    kisses from France


  45.'> 3:41 PM

    love and want them all.


  46. Anne-Britt Said,'> 4:11 PM

    Så mye flott du skal gi vekk da. Jeg hadde blitt veldig glad om jeg ble den heldige. Gjør selvfølgelig ikke noe om noe er åpnet. Ha en fin helg Ania. Klem


  47. Anne-Britt Said,'> 4:14 PM

    Da har jeg delt siden din på Facebook og er så heldig at jeg får et ekstra lodd :)


  48. Suzelle Said,'> 6:31 PM

    Oh my FUN !!!!!!!!


  49. Kirsten Said,'> 12:52 AM

    Flott giveaway! Og en giveaway til med åpnede ting er helt greit! Jeg er også sånn at jeg åpner ting for å ta på dem og når jeg nå har tenkt å ha en giveaway selv så har jeg også tenkt tanken på om jeg kan bruke noe som er åpnet, men mange bruker jo ikke alt i en pakke og å ha litt av mye forskjellig er jo egentlig genialt!


  50. Unknown Said,'> 3:33 AM

    WOW!!! there's so many goodies I love !!


  51. Ruth Said,'> 10:40 AM



  52.'> 11:47 AM

    such a lovely and generous giveaway... thanks for the chance!


  53. gersende Said,'> 1:22 PM

    whaou so beautiful giveaway !! thanks !!


  54.'> 7:46 PM

    For en fin give away :) Du lager så mye fint, så titter stadigvekk innom og blir inspirert til å lage noe gøy:) Det gjør da ingenting om noe er åpnet!


  55. Unknown Said,'> 9:37 PM

    What a lovely thing to do, sharing stash with other crafters. Hoping good things are visited on you love Karen


  56. Unknown Said,'> 9:40 PM

    Looks lovely. Hope your day has been filled with good things.


  57.'> 12:35 AM

    Hope I'm not too late! I don't care if the items have been opened or not. Love giveaways! Thanks for a chance to win!


  58. Jenni Alexander Said,'> 3:54 AM

    What a nice thing to do, sharing is caring :) love giveaways and LOVE your work


  59. Lindsay Said,'> 5:49 PM

    Oh I never win... I would love to win...!!! :) LOVE scrap stuff!!! And LOVE your blog!!! You do BEAUTIFUL work!!!


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