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Posted by Ania On Thursday, September 15, 2005
I'm not quite sure how to put this, but...I recently started to read the Childrens Bible that Adrian got when he was baptised, like, years ago....personally I have all but good memories from when I was little and was reading in my own Bible (also adapted for children I guess, since I was reading in it all by myself when I was sick and home from school)....I really enjoyed reading it, there were so may fascinating and nice stories in it and stuff.... I also have a faint memory of going to the Sunday School, drawing nice drawings from stories from the Bible & stuff....quite...harmonic memories, sorta..

Anyways, I, I wanted my son to have the same fond memories like I did, and I was like, okay, four and half years old and hardly knows who this God or Jesus is...might as well learn about them the good way and later face the harsh reality about religions, no? So, instead of fairytales at bedtime (which, by the way, can be quite harsh aswell - I mean, Hansel & Gretel??? Their parents abanodon them on and on again in the huge, dangerous forest, yet they keep wanting to return, they long to go home and do so every single time until next time they put them back into the forest to die??? Hellooo stupid children....wake up! duh..) I put up this project reading stuff from his own Bible...fine.....he loves the stories, okay. Me? I keep getting disillusioned. And I actually do regret putting up this project, but well, it's too late, he's into the stories now and doesn't wanna stop until the book is finished. *sigh*

I knew the Bible was sided? Partial? One-dimensional? I mean...Gods own people, blah blah blah, oh noes, Gods own people left their own country, now other people took it....what to do? Take it back ofc, cause the stupid people who stayed/took over the country when they left doesn't wanna go away, don't they know it's Gods people who's supposed to have this country....? But hey, who left the country voluntarily in the first place, according to the very same book? And when someone needs a wife they're like, ok, go fetch a woman, who's like "yes take me miles away to some guy I haven't even seen!" (or well, their fathers).

Hm. Maybe it's this particular book. It's very....simple. It's like, "Rut married Naomis son. But he was dead. Naomis husband was also dead. Naomi wanted to go back to Judea." Lots of short, boring, cut down setences. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I should try find my own, old books, maybe the Bible would eh...sound more fun in there...or something like that..cause even though I'm still sceptical to this whole Bible/religion thing (and even more so when reading it for my kid), I still do believe that a childs faith is a nice thing, to give him a nice, rosey& safe foundament....when he grows up I hope he can read for himself and question why and how can this and that be right, can this really be justified... or something like that...
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