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Posted by Ania On Wednesday, September 07, 2005
About yesterday, I forgot to mention how it ended! (no you dirty little minds *roll eyes*)
Anyways, when Simen told our kid that "hey, it's mom's birthday today", he prouldy proclaimed that we needed to get me icecream because that's what they did in the kindergarden -- whenever it's someones birthday they all get to eat icecream. Soo, by the end of the evening he reminded us about the icecream, so Simen had to drive to the videostore to get some, and he also rented a DVD aswell - "Closer". I must say it's simply one of the best movies I've seen in a long time -- it's so smart and intelligent and so raw, so brutally honest... and quite an unusual film sorta, about relationships and cheating and like it is.... with such strong performances (no I still don't really fancy Jude Law for some reason...and it was kinda surreal to watch him in that movie while thinking of all the stuff that's happened to him and Sienna Miller lately (and his ex-wife before that), heh), especially Clive Owen and Nathalie Porter (love her always! Even in Star Wars :p). Hm. I can't recall having seen thit one on the cinemas here, hm. Anyways.....such a great movie, sharp and all that stuff -- it's kinda noticeable that it's adapted from a play, it's conversation is it's strength....and it forces you to use your mind aswell, since the time-line is quite funny in this, all the unnecessary stuff is cut away....and the introduction of Owens character, the cybersex part -- it was both hilarious and..I don't know...raw? Realistic? And the stripclub scene with Portman &, Portman's damn sexy in there (love the wigs!!) and she really shines as the flirty yet vulnerable temptress... this movie, it's really great.

Oh, about my new hobby, I just have to share this layout that I made after inspiration from a contest on a board; the text reads "(my) adorable little babygirl". I'm really getting the hang of this new hobby, it's so fun and challenging and best of all, I had no idea that I could be a tiny tad little creative aswell. And I get to save and conserve my pictures for the future in a beautiful setting, or layout, as it's called. I just got a packet from stickers-planet with georgeous papers and cool alphabetstickers - but one thing I've noticed is that scrapping is really full words sorta. I feels like....Mary Poppins....especially the layouts about babies and children, it's a lot of 'cherish preserve adore love tell-the-whole-world-a-lot-of-pinksweetish-huge-wonderful-larger-than-life words' :p a few weeks I'll be thinking of this as natural myself I guess, assimilated into this kind of mentality.....I can feel it creeping up on me already! :p

But really, it's such a cool hobby! 8)
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