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~~ Lalalalalala

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, August 15, 2006
People ignoring me on MSN. Bleh! (Alright, it was trillan which messed up. Using webmessenger now. Sucks. Need to talk to MCB about the possibilities to use/instal Live messenger on the univaccount.)

I'm just doing, like, editingstuff, adding a little word here and there and tryin to get back on track when it comes to my paper. Really wanna put on the iPod (Yes! Simens iPod. Me use! Not like he needs it when he's at work no :p) & go home. Need to find some Green Day to add to it. *yawn* Another hour and I can go home I guess.

(Yes, I'm bored and want you to share the pain! :P)

Addition. Doh. I think I might be missing like, two months of research on the univaccount. Eek. Need to check at home that it's still there....*prays* :( (kinda been using the home & univ account to backup each others....something might have gone wrong somewhere tho :( )
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  1. Morten-Christian Said,'> 6:06 PM

    Hello, Ania :)

    This is MCB.

    When I finally got home from Crete, I checked out why you didn't have MSN on your universitymachine, and I don't know if I should post here what our conclusion was, but you do have MSN now ;)

    Nice scrap'ing pics btw. Hope you continue, I think you're real good. Amazing you have time on top of kids and running wow raids every day :)

    Best wishes,


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