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~~ Challenges, Balance and Stuff ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, August 23, 2007
In an attempt to try catch up on some challenges I kinda got got on a roll - and combined four challenges in one. When I was done and looked at it I was like - oh - that's it?? I thought the layout would be messy at best - but I think it turned out pretty decent and surprisingly "clean". Maybe this means I should have a go at Kathrines personal challenge to me..? Naaah..not yet =)

Challenge #1 (from HSS):
* 1 photo
* 2 colors of cardstock
* 3 pieces of pp
* 4 pieces of ribbon
* one of my fave stamps

Challenge #2 (also from HSS):
* 3 pieces of chipboard (but can also add more)
* 5 buttons
* 1 quote (can be from anyone, even yourself)

Challenge #3 (from Papirprat):
* Paint
* Chipboard
* Handwriting
* Overlay
* Ribbon

Challenge #4 (from One Little Word):
* Include the word: "balance"

Sooo..check, check, check, og oooh waddayaknow - check =) And the kiddos comment? "Oooh I get it mom...the buttons here are because of the bubbles in the picture!" Bright lil kid I tell ya ;)

Anyways. Leaving in a few hours for a seven-eight hours drive to Oslo. Yay. Got a DVD-player so hopefully the kids will stay entertained for the whole trip. *crossing fingers* - going to my moms place, will get to see my sisters new house and leaving the kids in Oslo while travelling further to Elverum for a wedding. So looking forward to it - and a bit dreading aswell - I'm gonna tail the bride the whole morning and most of the afternoon/evening too. It's just for fun and practice - but still, I'm nervous. Been practicing shooting in RAW the last two days (I know I know - Ania - you should at least practice weeks ahead!) and I love it!! Well, it takes time sure -- but I love how I'm so less dependable on actions when done with the picture in least at the testshots...which, come to think of it, was just static stuff..not moving, unpredictable*starting to get panicattacks again* Right. Then there's this flash-stuff. (tell me why Im blogging instead of reading manuals??) I'll read it tonight and do some testruns tonight too when at moms place. *breathes*

Really looking forward to see mom & sis & my cutecutecute nieces again and taking pictures of them and stuff :) Kinda growing tired of scrapping my own kids - so expect some layouts w/my nieces in them and stuff soon ;)

Oh. Guess I'll show my cards. Did I mention I totally suck at making cards? So not my area of expertise. But when you're a scrapper you're kinda supposed to know how to make cards two cards for the wedding (mil is supposed to have one of them..I dunno which one yet tho)

Did you know what's inside a battery btw? I didn't - and wow. Maybe I'll try someday. Must be great for those with a hearing-aid for sure!

Ny layout -- der jeg ble litt revet med og fluet fire forskjellige utfordringer i ett (kids; don't try this at home ;) ), to kort til bryllupet denne helgen og ja - ser frem til å kjøre over fjellene i flere timer med ungene (not) :p Har med oss DVD-spiller og sånn - så det går vel bra... gleder meg iallefall til å se mamma, søs og niesene mine igjen - og grugleder meg til bryllupet :)

Ok....må skynde meg å fikse ferdig alt det andre som må fikses før vi reiser.....god helg!! :)

17 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Challenges, Balance and Stuff ~~'

  1. Salte Said,'> 1:56 PM

    Lekkert!!!! Så flott LO! Og jeg synes kortene dine ble flotte jeg! Men jeg skjønner hva du mener, for kort er ikke min greie heller. Har forresten lagt deg til i blogg listen min. Håper det er ok.


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 3:04 PM

    Wow your LO is awesome !!! Love the cards too !


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 4:10 PM

    love your work and your blog!
    actually the lo you made for pencillines inspired me for my 'balance' lo, thanx for that!


  4. Kathrine Said,'> 4:31 PM

    Kjempefine kort og stilig LO! Syns absolutt ikke du har noe å klage over på kortfronten!

    Kos deg i bryllup!


  5. Lynn Said,'> 5:21 PM

    I LOVE what you did wih the word BALANCE! awesome layout!

    one little word


  6. Kara Said,'> 7:05 PM

    Fabulous Layout! Love what you do with the clear buttons!


  7. Lilo Said,'> 7:16 PM

    Jättesnygg LO och fina kort! Du är superduktig! Ha en trevlig helg! =)


  8. Heidi Said,'> 8:08 PM

    Lekkert!!!!!! Digger layouten din, masse flotte effekter Ania!!!

    Ha en god tur i helgen!!


  9. Cheryl Wray Said,'> 8:23 PM

    This layout is GORGEOUS!!!


  10. Kelly Said,'> 9:54 PM

    Gorgeous entry for the One Little Word blog!


  11. Catrine Said,'> 10:07 PM

    Nydelig LO! Imponert over at du fluet fire utfordringer og fikk til en så lekker LO! :o)
    Lekre kort og!
    Håper dere får en flott tur!


  12. Unknown Said,'> 2:00 AM

    Wow Just beautiful!


  13.'> 6:35 AM

    WOW! LOen, helt perfekt, saa utrilig fin, jeg finner ikke ord engang!
    Og kortene, UTROLIG lekre!!!


  14. Anonymous Said,'> 6:38 PM

    Hei... saa fint aa treffes deg paa internett.. Jeg er fra Singapore, gjiftet meg med en nordmenn ogsaa.. :) Vi har bare 1 datter som er 3 aar.. :) We share the same hobbies - photography and scrapbooking.. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you better through your blog..!!


  15. Hege Said,'> 7:06 PM

    Så flott en LO. Mange lekre detaljer. Kortene var også supre!

    Ha et fint bryllup!


  16.'> 1:19 AM

    Oh my! Rally nice stuff you make!!!


  17. A.S.K.-P. Said,'> 7:57 PM

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE you Balance LO AND all of your other creations! You have such a unique & creative style! I LOVE IT! I CAN'T WAIT to see MORE from you! Keep up the GREAT work!

    Take Care & Happy Creating,


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