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~~ No Makeup For You Missy & A Shoutout! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, August 03, 2007
Sooo as I was about to pull out my brand new Dior lipstick my hubby eyed me with such a funny expression on his face in the doorway. "What!? I wanna start being a real grownup and start wearing makeup every time I leave the house" I told him. He kept looking at me like I was very very silly and to tell you the truth, I was. Sigh. I don't know what it is - maybe it's me realizing I'm really really soon turning like, old and stuff and that this is serious this some kind of midlifecrisis. I dunno. I've been thinking about trying to make an attempt to learn how to put on makeup for real kinda. It oughta be handy when you turn old no? Not the kind of heavy makeupstuff (although it does kinda look cool once in a while I guess), but the subtle kind that you don't really notice but which kinda do help your face in a stealthy way. I think it there is such a way. I did however realize how silly I was this time and put the lipstick back on the shelf and went out as my normal self with a sigh.

You Go Girl!!
Waddayaknow. I'm so proud of you and what you actually accomplished in mere three days while being sick and all - gee, I did feel a bit mean in between but you's all for the greater good no? *snicker* So huge congrats to Smultringen (Ingunn) as a SOY-finalist!!! Us Norwegians are soooooo happy & proud of you now! Weeee! Can't wait to know more at Memory Trends!! **hugs**

A tribute?
So while I was working on this layout last night it suddenly hit me - gee - it looks so Smultringsk. Once I realized it I decided to go the whole nine yard; one of her (to me) trademarks is the way she does journaling: serif in white text on colored background. I didn't add any primas though ;p

A sneakie!
I love looking at other peoples sneakies, personally I usually find them so much fun to maybe I'm not the only one thinking sneakies are fun, and hence should do some myself too..? At least when it comes to DT work it's ok I's a sneakie of this sundays Pencillinelayout...which actually features a Guest DT who's on the other DT I'm also at, Happy Scrappin' Scrapbooking. How fun! :D

Sigma vs Nikkor
Okok. It's unfair to compare the old Sigmalens I've got to the new Nikkor one, as they do have different specifics, but still.. dang....the Nikkor one looks *so* *so* promising! You see, I bought a new 18-200mm lens. From Sigmas f/3.5 - f/6.3 to Nikkors f/3.5 - f/5.6 with SWM and VR. Faster focus and vibration reduction that is. That being said; Sigma recently came with a new 18-200 lens that's more close to the Nikkor one with both better focusing and VR aswell if I'm not too mistaken. Still stops at f/6.3 though.

The biggest noticeable difference to me (besides the faster focusing :p) is actually that while you turn the lensring to the left on the Sigmalens to focus you turn it towards right on the Nikkor one. Gee. I guess it'll be a while until I get used to that! :p It's also slightly heavier and bigger - it's 72mm I think while the old one is 62mm.

Love the way it focuses - it's way more silent and feels so smooth. Like it fades in and out kinda - very fast - very smooth. Dunno. Maybe it's not very noticeable but I do notice it because I'm looking for differences from my old lens.

Qualitywise I'm positive I do see a difference -- although -- it may very well just be in my mind kinda and it doesn't mean the Sigma one is that badly off - it's good - the Nikkor one is just a notch better. And after is a new lens -- wait a month or two when it starts getting worn out and gets a dirty coating on the lens and stuff.....? I dunno...I do know that I need a better cleaningsystem for my lens for sure. *cough*

All in all I'm happy about my new, time to start saving up for the next one............... :p

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ No Makeup For You Missy & A Shoutout! ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 10:17 PM

    wheee! Hehe, I guess you can't have a *truly* smultingsk layout without Prima hydrangeas :P

    Looking forward to seeing your DT stuff (nudge nudge wink wink say no more say no more*)

    * hoping you've seen Monty Python so you won't just think I'm insane...


  2. Anonymous Said,'> 10:17 AM

    Seriously LOVE your little bit on makeup!!!! I swing back and forth between wanting to look "put together" and not being able to bother with the whole thing!!!
    You made me smile!!!


  3. suebaru Said,'> 10:25 AM

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  4. suebaru Said,'> 10:27 AM

    Sorry, too many typos in my previous post so I deleted it!
    I am so with you on the make up thing!! I just about manage eyeliner on a good day!
    Your sneaky looks gorgeous!


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