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Honey I'm Home!

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh yes.
I'm home. Rejoice. Or something like that ;)

So How Was The Trip?
Dandy! One piece of advice though. Vacationing in big cities isn't really advised when you're dragging two kids along. But we had a jolly good time (ha..I love saying sounds so...jolly :) ) and I believe the kids had aswell. We went to a number of random playgrounds and stayed there for a good while when we could, went to some amusementparks (although the kids preferred to enjoy the more simplier installments of those parks, like the trampolines and the sandboxes). Ah. Simple joys.

It totally rocks getting to visit and meet people though, did I mention that? So much fun. Maybe especially the BBQ Sel threw together and let us use his arsenal (and it was HUGE!!!) of RPG-weapons. So totally cool!! The kiddo had a freakin blast runnin around fighting with all those grownups also fighting around playing having fun into the wee hours of the night...

And at a point I had a little debate with myself. You see, I've been a bit of a natural-light-snob. I don't like using the cameraflash at all, and I didn't bring my external flash with me. So when I started getting too blurred pictures even at 1600ISO I just put my camera away. Simple as that. However, I had to remind me as to WHY I was taking pictures this trip. Hello Dumbass Me.... you're taking pictures to preserve the memories right...not to sniff about the yucky cameraflash making harsh and stupid pictures. Without it I woudln't have had the proof that Amalie indeed joined in with the swordfights a bit, loving the throwing daggers especially and carrying around the big sword way bigger than her for a little while. Still. I had to wrestle with myself for a bit about the useage of flash. I'm so silly, I know... (speaking about flash, seen Scott Kelbys latest weddingpics?? With no only natural light useage - he used the SB-800 flash..?? Wow. I so need to learn how to do that too)

But I digress. Hm. I had a bunch of stuff I was gonna mention on this post but now I forgot them all. Ofcourse. BLeh (I can assure you I always have very witty things to post when thinking about it....but these thoughts just keep disappearing somewhere between my brains and the screen. Always. Somehow. Hrmf.). Anyways -- although I really really need to start workin on the deadline-stuff I now have I just *needed* to like, scrap just because - you know - rusty skills and all ;p Hence this hotel-room blues layout, which I think came out alright apart from the title....I think it's the stickers I used as stickers - I was too much of a cheapass to use the (to me) cooler alphas so I just thought I'd try spend these "not-really-me" alphastickers. Bleh.

Jeje. Off to start workin on something really really fun. And secretive. *snicker*

Oh by the way....
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5 intriguing feedbacks to 'Honey I'm Home!'

  1. Tracie H Said,'> 11:54 PM

    Nice to have you "home":)


  2. Scrapdragons Said,'> 12:33 AM

    cute LO...nice photos.
    Love the addicted to blogging thing. Obviously I am since Iam spending my evening hopping around to different blogs.



  3. Catrine Said,'> 12:44 AM

    Velkommen hjem!
    Det med blitz er rart forresten. Jeg kvier meg for å bruke det ute blandt folk, fordi jeg er redd for å blende noen... ;P
    Må jeg, gjør det det likevel, men tar nok færre bilder enn jeg ville gjort om jeg slapp å bruke den... *rar*
    Synes LO'en din er kul forresten! Artig bilde!


  4. suebaru Said,'> 2:18 AM

    Good to see you back!


  5. Sonja Said,'> 4:32 AM

    Velkommen hjem til det fine veret!(",)


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