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~~ November rain ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 02, 2007
A whitewashed canvas
A layout about our next WoW-player
So-called less than perfect photos :)

Oooo I love that song!! November rain! Yey! Not too fond of the actual november rain though, but hey :p

Anyways. Thought I'd share the full photos of the November-layouts & project for Bad Girls - seriously a yummy kit and have a look at the other ladies galleries too. It's also Sri's first time joining us at Bad Girls DT so make sure you have a look at her cool layouts :)

I've also made a few cards yesterday. Yeap. Cards. Those who knows me know I'm NO cardmaker, actually I'm not that fond of making cards and stuff....but..uhm... as some friends of mine have popped out their babies lately and I'm soon gonna send out a few goodies and all and will need cards to go with them and stuff I thought what the heck... let's get it done with. I'm not really done, found out I need to do another 2-3 cards....*sigh* :p I hope those who'll recieve these cards will appreciate my labour....I'm no cardmaker!!! (Now, I realize that at least one recipient will recognize her card by looking here. Well. Don't expect it too soon hon - I'm a terrible procrastinator :p)

BTW??? Wanna know something incredibly cool??? Seen the latest CK-mag? Ingunn made its coverlayout!!! Yeap - she's behind the totally lovely layout which can be seen on it's cover. TOTALLY WAY TO GO INGUNN!!!!

Oh. And I'm *so* looking forward to this sundays Pencil-Lines. 1. a totally cool announcement incoming - we've been waiting for over a month for this one! 2. *lovelovelove* this guest!!! *smile* *wink* *snicker* *giggle*

Ok. Nuff babbling. Off to do more stuff!

8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ November rain ~~'

  1. Christine Said,'> 11:33 AM

    Jeg er helt imponert over tempoet ditt Ania! Det er bare å bøye seg i støvet! Forstår ikke hvordan du har tid til studier, mann, barn, wow og scrapping! :D Multitasking-Ania fra nå av! Hahah :D

    Elsker Lo'ene dine som alltid! Og for noen lekre kort! Rett før jeg også blir inspirert til å lage noen nå... (Må bare få ræva mi bort til scrappebordet først dog)


  2. Kelly Said,'> 3:27 PM

    wow- I swaer you never cease to amaze with these fabulous projects! Your style is so seriously inspiring!


  3. iris Said,'> 4:27 PM

    OMG! Well, leave it to you to make really gorgeous projects from kits. That canvass thing is awesome!!! Where will you display that one? love all your layouts,and as always your photography is superb.


  4. Unknown Said,'> 6:33 PM

    Jeg er råimponert over ditt scrappetempo, din kreativitet og din boblende energi!!!!

    Det er alltid så spennende å kikke innom bloggen din!

    Ha en hyggelig weekend!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 6:59 PM

    you are too too too too GOOD!!! Love all these layouts...especially the brick background are amazing!!
    and check you and your cards out!!


  6. tovetyll Said,'> 7:44 PM

    å wow wow så sinnsykt fine de var!!! Digger alt du lager! Nå ble jeg superinspirert til å scrappe...også jeg som snart må dra avgårde...iiik...må hvertfall gjøre ferdig den lo'en som ligger her, rett ved siden av meg!!:D


  7.'> 4:12 AM

    NYDELIGE ko utroolig kule LOer!!! wow wow OG wow!

    ...og ja, enig med Christine! Utrolig mye du faar gjort, selv med saa mye paa gang! Kjempe imponerende!! :D


  8. Anonymous Said,'> 8:11 PM


    Whee, du har virkelig fått meg helt hekta på negl-distressing nå; LOen virker liksom ikke ferdig før jeg gjør det :oD


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