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~~ Sick Amalie? ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 30, 2007

Hrm. They called from the kindergarten. Amalie's sick. Ohwell. She's just a lil hot, but otherwise her normal, active self. I went down to the kindergarten to fetch her. Nice excuse to bring the camera along no? *smile* Just wish I was able to get her whole reflection in the little puddle..need to practice thinking like that....thinking about the whole frame kinda during shooting..

She loves her wabbit. It was lost for a while but refound after some months - dirty and all but still just as loved...

I love how she has such superb taste - I think she's starting to be as addicted to Gwen Stefani as I am!! She loves singing to her songs..... so cute to hear (and watch :D)...and sometimes her timing actually hits ;)

Anyways. Seen the news at Bad Girls? Starting with the Dec kit; if you're a subscriber or you purchase any of the current addons/ can join the monthly challenge and get a chance to win one of those aprons.....which are very exclusive - they will be available through this monthly challenge only...12 of these..... and apparently it's not regular rhinestones, but 100% Swarovski crystals.... for more information, read the official challenge-info on the boards here :) Me wants!!

And uhm. Yikes?? Is this really the last day of November?? *faint*
I've put up the Christmas-light for the window...opted to go for a little lightglobe from Ahlens (Sirius) instead for the normal star thats more common but now that it's up I think it's a lil too small. Hmm. I also need to fix the Advent-lights before this sunday (no I don't have any. shame on me) and put up the Christmas calendar and uh. I guess I should look for more Christmas-pressies as I'm far from done. *sigh*

Anyways - happy Advent everybody - I'm really looking forward to tomorrow morning - to watch and take photos (*teehee*) of the kids opening their calendars (my kind mother always does the calendar for us) and to the start of a new Christmas - it's truly magical through the eyes of the children...(sappy I know but it's oh so true!)... as we'll be home this Christmas my aim is to try and do at least 4-5 traditional Christmasstuff together...I really suck at keeping traditions kinda but am tryin to redeem myself!! :)

Ps! HUGE congrats to Iris!!! She made the cover for the MM Magazine's January-issue.... check her blog to read her cute lil inspirational tale :)

Ps2. Will post a layout or two tomorrow ;)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Sick Amalie? ~~'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 6:57 PM

    I just love your photos, I hope that I will be that good in taking pic. one day.


  2. Kjersti Said,'> 10:55 PM

    Flotte bilder av ei ikke fullt så syk Amalie :)Synes du fortjener D300 snart *fnis*


  3.'> 10:59 PM

    Nydelige bilder! Digger spesielt det siste!

    Rart aa tenke paa at imorgen er det desember, yikes!!!



  4.'> 10:25 AM

    I hope your beautiful little girl is feeling better soon! :)

    Again love your pics, thanks for the inspiration!


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