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~~ Photos from Ål :) ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ahhh I think I found the perfect Holiday-family-movie!! Or well....I've yet to see it for real myself, but I fell in love with the trailer *blush* on the Disney site and the quotes provided at name's Enchanted.. looks like a fun and sweet movie no? I find the moves of Giselle pretty cool and, real Disney-princessish..which is kinda cool... Talking about movies, I've yet to see Stardust..grr...must.fix.soon. And now the other Gaiman-movie's out too, Beowulf.

Anyways...I was rockin' to Gwen Stefani with Amalie on my lap and then she fell asleep to Early Winter...hmm.. she did claim she liked the music tho before she started snoring :p Adrian's also into music, he totally loves High School Music 2 and has been wanting the CD w/the music...

Hrm. Was supposed to scrap lots but am a bit limited w/the sleeping one on my lap...need to whisk her away :p

(yay she woke up immediately after being placed on the couch. Ohwell)

Addin some photos from Ål - there wasn't snowing there until Thursday - the day before we were leaving. Ohwell. Amalie had great fun in kindergarten that day :)

Am workin on some peeks for upcoming layouts - I've been pretty much into Papirfest-photos lately - like 4 or 5 layouts made with photos from there now the last week. Funfun! Can't show some of these until like, anything from a week to next year and stuff, so I'll share some peeks soon just prove I've been scrapping! ;) (I feel like I suck if I don't have layouts or anything SB-related to show in my posts kinda :p)

2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Photos from Ål :) ~~'

  1.'> 11:47 AM

    Beautiful pictures, especially the third one, so so cute! :)

    Wish you a great week!


  2. ちゅと Said,'> 12:23 PM

    Super cute pictures! ;)
    I adored your take for PL #60 I wish I could make one like you!!


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