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~~ All things Luxe ~~

Posted by Ania On Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yum - this is the new line from Luxe Designs called Sprinkles. Totally heart these colors and designs. I know what you're saying. I mean. I keep saying I suck at cardmaking. So why make these? Well. Cause Luxe wanted us to, that's why =) So there - my feeble attempts on cardmaking ;p


And I totally heart the Simple basic, so great! I guess this must be my favorite-est (that's so a word no??) line from Luxe - so versatile and so many great products in that line - stickers, epoxystickers, papers, diecuts... :) This is made with the jotters from the Simple line -- that is - journaling diecuts from the Simple Orange and Simple Brown (the two new colors) lines. I adhered them to cardstock and stuck photos to the backsides. Pretty fast and ..uh..simple (pun not intended!) :) These are from our trip to Amadeusparken, a (very) small but cozy zoo this summer when we were visiting my husbands cousin. The "vacation" card in front is from another jotter-line....travels or vacations or something like that (too lazy to look it up =) )

And! I got an award from Ann Hedvig!! Yay! :D
Apparently she thinks I'm a nice gal to go to crops with :D Ok, I know I'm of the quiet type when I attend crops (for obvious (??) reasons), but I really really really do enjoy myself simply just being there feeling I'm like, with the gals :) So thank you so much!! :)

Now, if somebody would please tell me to go back to my scrappingtable to finsih those Christmas-projects for "Vi Scrapper", please do so. I seem to keep straying to the computer hoping anything exciting has happened the last 45 seconds since I was here last kinda. Hrm.

6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ All things Luxe ~~'

  1. _Kine Said,'> 9:25 PM

    Digger de nye Luxetingene ja! Men hot damn, de oransje labelstickersene er jo utsolgte. Hrmpf. As if jeg trenger mer stæsj da. Hihi.


  2.'> 9:25 PM

    hihi kom deg til scrappebordet Ania - og det kvikt!! Sånn, da var det sagt :-)


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 9:34 AM

    go back to your table!! LOL.. I can't wait to see more gorgeous works from you! And btw.. those cards are fab!!


  4. Ellen* Said,'> 9:58 AM

    Jeg syns du er flink til å lage kort, jeg! Virkelig! I like it simple, you know!:o)
    Og så må jeg bare si at det var en sann nytelse og kikke i "albumet"(fnis) ditt sist. Sidene dine er jo utrolig flotte på nett, men å se dem IRL er bare fantastisk!!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 1:49 PM

    Yeah, you definitely do not suck at cardmaking...


  6. ちゅと Said,'> 12:14 AM

    You do so great with LUXE;D!
    I tend to feel the difficulty with their simplicity but now I am feeling to give a try especially the jotters!


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