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~~ Five Faves Friday!!!! ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, September 26, 2008

Couldn't leave without doing this list again. See how long I actually manage to keep it going on :p

  • Scrappers Choice. I'll be honest. I didn't think they were all that. Not until they got Vibeke Spigseth aboard. Yeah I'm gonna credit her cause I really think she did and does wonders with them designwise (if she's not alone about that then I apologize ;p) *love* the paperdesign, the paperquality, and *in love* the chipboard and the bling and the epoxy and ribbons and stamps and..well, they're doing the full embelliethinghie and it's all in Norwegian! YAY!!!!! :D
  • HAMBLY!!!!! Yeah baby!!!! Someones got a box and ohmygod *BIG GRIN* *smirk*
  • The Bad Girls October kit!!! Seriously. I know I'm supposed to plug for them but this. SO. IS. LOVELY. FOR. REALS!!!!! :D :D :D (and yeah the above peek is from that kit - it's out in four or five days)
  • Xstines potato salad. YUM! (For Norwegians, that and more reciepes can be found here at Minneriket)
  • My husband :)
Take care and stay safe :)

4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Five Faves Friday!!!! ~~'

  1. Dena Said,'> 10:14 PM

    hey girl! I came to see if you posted a 5 Faves today and WOO HOO you did!!!!
    *sigh* I can't wait to see what you got from Hambly. I love me some Hambly!
    I love visiting your blog, it is always a fun surprise each time!
    Have a great weekend girl. and woo woo to that little sneaky you posted ;)


  2.'> 3:47 AM

    Hey Ann Jo, got a sneak of the Hambly package at Sasha's blog, looks awesome !!!

    Goto get me that Bad Girls Kit ....


  3. Sasha Farina Said,'> 12:30 PM

    oh Girl.. lovin' that peek!! you're such a teaser :P


  4. Anette S Said,'> 8:41 PM

    Fristerinne, altså! Mannen din skal du få beholde, men resten sikler jeg vilt på! Inkludert potetsalat :D Gleder meg til å se hva du tryller frem med BG og Hambly!


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