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~~ Wedding photos, part two ~~

Posted by Ania On Thursday, September 18, 2008
More photos from the same wedding as last post :)
The last post had photos taken w/ my 50mm lens (&d70s), these are a mix of that one + a 18-70 one on a d80 which I borrowed from my brother-in-laws fiancee as backup :) Having two bodies is very nice -- no swappin of lenses etc :) Made me feel fairly fancy too havin two cameras in my bag *snicker*

More from the getting-the-dress-on-part..

Inside the church...duh...

And there we go...husband & wife!! :)
(note to self....learn not to burn out the white too much/utilize the burn-tool next time)

Some blurry shots...kinda feel like they capture the feel better in a way....(my way of rationalizing that I don't really need to read the flash-manual just yet ;p) Oh, and my husband took some of the photos because I wasn't there in the beginning so Im not quite sure where I was taking over...but he did a good job nevertheless :)

Thanks for watching!! :)
I attended another wedding too, like, the normal way..still have some photos, will share these in a bit :)

Ps. In for some free Luxe?? Check this out! :)

5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Wedding photos, part two ~~'

  1. Tracie H Said,'> 1:59 AM

    Stunning photographs did the happy couple proud.


  2. Ann Hedvig Said,'> 8:29 AM

    Kjempeflotte bilder Ania!

    Og takk for link til Luxe :o)


  3. Aquarell Said,'> 9:31 PM

    Nydelige bilder!:D


  4. Unknown Said,'> 2:51 AM

    Amazing photos Ania! What a lucky couple to have you there!


  5.'> 12:49 AM

    *GASP* Ania! LOVE your photography, you really captured some beautiful shots! Gorgeous!


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