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~~ 7 truths about myself and 5 faves ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 07, 2008

Fancy Pants cardbox. Aka decorated chipboardbox turned into a box
that holds cards. More cards and details can be found here.

Friday Five Faves!

  • Feathers! Ohyeah. Lovesit. I suppose you could credit that to people like Artsymama and Carole Wingert and the likes, but for me my fascination for feathers started when Eli used one in a wicked cool layout of hers along w/a bookcover and stuff a good while ago. It's been on my mind for quite some time and a few days ago I craved in and bought myself some feathers. YEY. I'll show some stuff w/that shortly :)
  • Rangers!! Oh yey. I got an idea for a new class, a technique-based one, I can't wait to develop that idea into a fullfledged class - hopefully it'll be doable :) And their new white crackle paint is too wicked cool and their Ink Applicator a must. Why did I wait so long to get one??? Thank you Rangers!!
  • Um, can I go with Hambly again?? Cause. Really. Their papers are just so cool. Shame it's not easy to get the papers here in Norway - Hambly in Norway is like, transparencies and rubons :(
  • Fog! I'd love to get this straight. The photographing of this that is. I'll see if I can share some more photos soon, but ugh, mine looks so....dull..
  • My kids playing together. Four years separates my children. Yet they play together so beautifully (and pretty wildly too). Yes. Adrian is starting to know when he can make Amalie cry and do that for fun (with words - like telling her no she's not a girl and keep insisting until she cries out of desperation :p Or by withholding a toy or thing she wants. Sometimes this backfires as she reacts by hitting him and then he starts to cry :p Still working with her re. the hitting and with him re. consequences of his actions - aka why did she hit him in the first place :p). But still he is the evercaring and protecting bigbrother to her, and playing with her a lot. Watching them interact together...sigh...I really hope this will last..

I had the most sweetest moment last night: watching both kids erupt in wild cheers, hands in their air and jumping up and down when I told them I'd make them waffles for nightfood. *aw*
And then my husband decided he wanted to make this chocolate-sauce he's been talking about for ages, so he and Amalie left to the grocerystore to buy icecream and sugar (as I used the last of the sugar in the house on the waffles). Cool. Turned out yummy too.

Hønemor challenged me to do this 7 truths about myself. Right. Have done some of these before but hey, it's cool to be able to talk more about yourself and have a legal excuse to do so uh? I think.....:p

So here goes...

  1. My stupid skin makes the most ugly scars. Ugh. Even the docs who promised me nicer scars for some re-opstuff were surprised by how ugly my scars turned out to be. *sigh*
  2. I can rehearse long, deep and witty conversations in my head and all that's coming out from my mouth is a stupid "uh" or "yeah"...
  3. Hm. I am not ready to reveal the most embarassing moments from when I was a child. Funny. It shouldn't matter by now but it's still kinda vivid and strong - the feeling of embarassement. So. No. Way.
  4. After several hours I had to do an emergency C-section with my oldest kid. I didn't really have the time to be afraid back then, I was too exhausted and it all happened so fast once they went for the C-sect.. - but I have to admit I do wonder at times what would have happened if they didn't rush to do this C-section all of a sudden...I later learned it was more serious than I realized back then.
  5. When I was little I used to pinch my sister and she'd go mad, hitting me and stuff -- drawing my parents attention and getting yelled at because all they saw was her fighting innocent little me.....(in fact, we used to fight a lot...physical fighting..I've never seen my kids do that...apart from Amalie hitting Adrian occasionally and Adrian retreating crying - but like 99% of the time they're the bestest friends...:p) Oh and we're good friends now me and my sis haha :)
  6. I get annoyed at scenes in movies where people usually always tug their duvets tightly around themselves or walk around in pyjamas after sex. Like, um, who does that?? And uh, you've just had sex with the other person in the bed/room, still you're like, afraid to show yourself naked to him/her? :p (I know I know....I'm allowed to snort at that tho!!)
  7. I have the amazing (??) ability that I'm able to sleep for 14-15 hours straight if allowed..(darn those kids :p)

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Psps! How come I'm only able to email a very few of you who take the time to comment? Sometimes I like to reply to your comments by emailing you, but it's not possible on most? :( Thank you for all your comments though! :)
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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ 7 truths about myself and 5 faves ~~'

  1.'> 10:24 AM

    when we you figure out what to do about the hitting....let me little one is a hitter and I am totally lost on what to do (she thinks stern voice, time out, taking away of toys is super funny!!)
    loved reading about you!!


  2. Ann Cicilie Said,'> 10:58 AM

    Du er så herlig:D

    Synes det er deilig å "møte" andre nerdete, litt guttete, scrappejenter. Scrapping er min første kvinnedominerte hobby, så det var med skrekkblandet fryd jeg møtte opp til mitt første treff:D

    Håper du får en fantastisk helg!

    Klem fra Ann Cicilie


  3. Alexis Said,'> 11:24 PM

    Great post! I loved reading it all. :D


  4. Dena Said,'> 6:16 AM

    I can't figure out the whole reply email thing either. I am wondering if it has something to do with the individuals settings, that they may have a no reply comment thing turned on on their blog?!

    I totally got in all out scrappy fights with my sister until we were in our mid teens. Heck even a few times when we were almost 20 LOL.

    And girl you can love Hambly as much as you want :) we dont mind!


  5. Anonymous Said,'> 11:19 PM

    OMG Dude - I am cracking up here. Number 2 of your random facts is SO me. Doesn't it always sounds like so intelligent in your head what you wanna say and then you start sounding like an idiot when you open your mouth? I hate that...


  6.'> 2:52 AM

    LOL at #6... so true... that doesn't make sense. :D


  7. HEIMLAGA Said,'> 10:34 PM

    Så utroooolig flott den var *smelt* Hørte min døve kusine hadde vert på kurs med deg :D Hun digger deg :D Det gjør jeg også!!!! Du er helt fantastisk scrapper med en über-kul blogg *klemm* VyanMica @ Heimlaga :)


  8. HEIMLAGA Said,'> 8:38 PM

    Haha :D Hun heter Cecilie r (ålesnd døveforening) :D


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