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~~ Pencil-Lines #112 ~~

Posted by Ania On Sunday, November 23, 2008

Okay this is totally a sceduled one as I don't have access to the net atm (yikes). (I do have access to my gmail though :) )
I hope I am reading a lot (Hi Neil Gaiman!) and scrapping a lot too (hi Bad Girls Dec&Jan kits!).
I also hope the classes are going well here in Ålesund where I am at for the moment being and that I don't oversleep for the early classes. *smile*

Love this layout because of the colors.
Love this because of the little story. Amalie is in the age where stickers are WHEEEEEE so she went totally wild over the retro Hambly-stickers we got in one of the DT-boxes. Stickers all over, her little book that I made her for this specifically, hers, dads and mine arms, the floor in the living-room and the floor in her bedroom (still some stuck there :p). You can see some of the stickers on the upper page, under the frame-transparency.

Have a nice sunday :)
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6 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Pencil-Lines #112 ~~'

  1. Camilla Said,'> 3:44 AM

    Håper du har kost deg på kurs! Herlig layout, såå stilig med rammene, og de søte små marihønene under Hamblyen!


  2. Catrine Said,'> 12:07 PM

    Nydelig LO! Og søt historie!
    Lykke til med kurs! *klem*


  3.'> 3:10 PM

    adore the red!


  4. Linn Hege Said,'> 7:44 PM

    Kjempeflott kurs du hadde på Familieminner i dag, og veldig kjekt å få treffe deg! Kunne tenkt meg å delta på flere av kursene, men håper det blir flere anledninger!


  5.'> 12:25 AM

    LOVE that feather! How cool is that?


  6. ruffa Said,'> 12:13 PM

    Så utrolig knallkuul og for et lekkert fargevalg. Likte så godt den gule bomba midt inni og fjæren er jo helt fantastisk til denne da.



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