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Procrastinators untie...err..unite ;p

Posted by Ania On Friday, November 21, 2008

3.37am 4am 5am and I'm still not done with my preparations for the next travel. How come I always think I am sooo prepared and that what's left only should take 2-3 hours top....when it isnt the case???? *need to work with myself*

The taxi is coming in 3 2 1/2 1 1/2 hours - early flight - double-yey!

I predict.......lots and lots and lots of coffee tomorrow.....and I don't even really drink coffee (only fancy-schmancy moccas)!!

If I keep's me, NOT YOU!!!! **apologises in advance**

Oh, also - Hobbykroken added a class w/my shadowbox-class Dec 2nd - excellent class for Christmas. Kinda filled up fast (love you gals :) ). Still entitled to think it's scary cause if you're not happy with it I bet I'll get to know that at every crop after this one!! ;P

Bad Girls Kits have had their Pre Workshop Classes posted every day since 15th -- today (well, later today) marks the real Workshop and my class is the first one out methinks. I am SO SORRY that I won't be around to answer any questions etc -- won't have Internet this whole weekend (it's ok, Ive got my BG kits, a collection of short stories by Roald Dahl and Neil Gaimans Fragile Things to entertain me this weekend. And the ladies at my classes ofcourse :D)

I am feeling really daring (must be the lack of sleep) so I'll post a piccie of my project now....what's a few hours?? And besides, I need something scrappy to show on this blog (bet you're tired of watching me ramble about classes and stuff already :p) Maybe it'll get you wanting to do this's free ;)

Or stay awake??

Oh by the way! Luxe Designs is doing a Virtual Warehouse Sale thingie :D
Check this out for more info :) (well, when flickr is done w/its mainentance - image not avail atm :p)

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3 intriguing feedbacks to 'Procrastinators untie...err..unite ;p'

  1. Natalia.B Said,'> 8:51 AM

    christmas ornament with photo! gorgeous.. love it


  2. lauren Said,'> 7:42 PM

    what a cute idea for a christmas ornament!


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 11:16 PM

    Tusen takk for Kurset du hadde i Ålesund i dag!! Kjempekjekt og inspirerende:)

    Hilsen "Ginging"- Inger


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