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~~ Vi Scrapper ~~

Posted by Ania On Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Ey I'm a covergirl!
The newest "Vi Scrapper" is hitting the shelves these days and to my (pleasant) surprise one of my photos/projects is on the cover. Cool. Made a whole lot of Advent-calendars for this issue for the calendar-article and I'm glad all the closeup/detail-shots paid off (darn bad lightning) - I just sent in a lot of photos cause I couldn't decide and thought I'd rather push the "problem" to my editors :p Yey. Love how these little brown bags with mostly 3dnypapir turned out - and see? Scallops? Kinda can't get rid of'em yet :) I hear it's a good issue - the feedback's been great, and I'm looking forward to recieve it in the mail soon (maybe today?) - esp to the "art of writing" - article by Kine (she's da bomb when it comes to this!) and to learn more about the amazing Janine Langer (love that girl! :) ) - the international scrapper in the magazine this time - YAY! :D

Adrian went to this Student-evening at School yesterday - his very first, just an arrangement by the pupils - for the pupils of 2nd-4th grade. He was pretty excited and I was like, aw, my little boy ....where's my camera!! :p

The kids were allowed to bring some money for the event - they had gotten a price-list in advance and he was pretty adamant that he was gonna buy himself a lollipop - that was what he was looking forward to the most. Adding; "And I'm gonna buy two because I don't think I'll be able to finish the lollipop so that means Amalie will see the lollipop when I get home and (she'll) want one too!" Aw. Thinkin ahead, caring and preparing. Yey :)

Here he's trying to block my view w/his hand (the dark shade in the middle of the photo) ;p

And here he's telling me he's ready to go! :p

And one last shot before he went off :p

It went well - he had fun - but - the lollipops were nowhere to be seen and he was a bit disappointed about that. BUT he had chocolate and hot dog and coke - and went off to a sleepover. Jeje. My little big boy.

And Amalie?
I just learned a new side of her.
She's been reading her Disney Princesses-magazine in bed for a while now. And last night -

*Amalie pointing at a Princesses horse and carriage toy-AD in the magazine*
"Amalie wants. Buy tomorrow?"
"Hm that's nice Amalie. You may put it on your Wish List for Christmas. That means you *might* get it for Christmas."
"Daddy say he'll buy. Tomorrow!"
"Uh. Hm. We'll see about that. Maybe for Christmas."
Upon asking my husband later that night he had no idea what she was talking about. Right.
*embraces for a lifetime of.... pesky purchase-requests*

"Amalie vil ha! Kjøpe imorgen?"
"Nei, men du kan ønske deg det til jul. Kanskje du får det da. Men ikke nå."
"Pappa si vi kjøpe. Imorgen!"
"Nei Amalie. Sett det på ønskelista til jul så får vi se hva som skjer."

Ser ut til at Amalie har skjønt at leker er noe man kan kjøpe - og aller helst NÅ. Og den aller første tingen hun ønsker seg er en hest-og-vogn til Disney Prinsessene (hun har Snøhvit). Har heldigvis vært forskånet for "kjøpepress" fra henne hittil men ---
Og det at hun straks prøvde seg på at "pappa hadde sagt ja"?????? Duh.....han visste ingenting om dette da jeg spurte ham senere. Hrm. Enda en ting til vi må ta opp med henne ja :p

Ellers var det elevkveld for 2.-4. klasse igår og Adrian gledet seg kjempemasse til den. *sukk* Store lille gutten min!! Og etter den så dro han til en klassekompis for overnattingsbesøk - de hadde snakket om det lenge og mast og mast. Jaja!
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  1. Zarah Said,'> 9:45 AM

    YAY for you!! Congrats! :D


  2.'> 10:11 AM

    Så kult!! Grattis som covergirl!


  3. Lene S Said,'> 10:46 AM

    Å så kult!! Så det var du som hadde laget det fine kortet! ;o) Jeg har ikke sett bladet enda jeg heller, må nok innom Narvesen i dag :o)

    Så fine bilder av poden, blir fort store disse barna...

    Ha en fin dag!


  4.'> 1:50 PM

    The new cover of "Vi Scrapper" looks amazing! Gratulations! I have to buy it, when I get to centralstation in Oslo today!


  5. Hege Said,'> 4:43 PM

    Gratulerer som covergirl:)

    Artige bilder av gutten din og velkjent metode av din prinsesse;-)

    Ha en fin dag!


  6.'> 4:55 PM



  7.'> 7:23 PM

    Congrats covergirl! Kult! Da kan jeg glede meg til et nummer i posten snart jeg også da....


  8. Dena Said,'> 6:59 PM

    Woo Hooo there CoverGirl!
    That is fabulous! Congrats to you :)


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