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~~ Now we know what not to do again ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't look at me - these days it's hard to capture them "naturally" -
they're always making some kind of faces towards the camera :p

So typical.

Amalie and Adrian ran ahead of us, hiding.
Playing along we said out aloud: "Hm. Where did Adrian and Amalie go?" "Hm. Can't see them. Ohwell. We'll just have to drive home without them."
Amalie (hidden, yelling): "We're hiding!! ( short pause) Here! Behind the bins!"
Adrian (sighing, coming out of hiding): "Oh Amalie! Why do you always have to do that!!"

Poor, cute little thing. She loves to hide but she doesn't have the patience (or see the point?) waiting to be found. She always have to a) tell people she's actually hiding and b) in case people didn't get it the first time around - tell them specifically where she's hiding.


Have a lovely weekend!! :)

Ps. Anyone's got the Scrapbook Trends April issue yet? Haven't gotten mine but I'm supposed to have three projects in that issue, please lemme know if you've seen them :)

Title: "All this time" - Maria Mena
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5 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Now we know what not to do again ~~'

  1. Salte Said,'> 11:19 AM

    Oioioi, gleder meg til jeg får bladet! Ha en herlig dag Ania! Klem


  2.'> 2:17 PM

    hey Amalie looked like a Japanese doll! so cute!


  3. Maren Said,'> 2:46 PM

    Artige bilder! :D De er jo kjempesøte begge to da!

    Ha en flott søndag!


  4. Aquarell Said,'> 7:17 PM

    Herlige bilder av dine to små.:D


  5.'> 12:05 AM

    oh i know that game so well.....addie is exactly the same!!!


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