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~~ Taking everything for much more than it means ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wanted to share one of my layouts for Hambly this month of my beautiful niece Becca :) Everything apart from the alphas is from Hambly :)

And I almost forgot this little challenge I got from Cindy, one of the readers of this blog all the way from NZ (*waves* thank you! :) )'s so sweet and the photo I found is just perfect so I decided to play along!! :)

She wanted me to look for a folder starting with "C" (for her name) - and I found a folder named "Celinekurs" (from when Celine Navarro was in town teaching) - and to pick the third photo in that folder. That was this photo of me and Mari - whom I'll see next weekend - perfect I tell you!! :)

Guess I should pass this
Pick a folder named "A" (or with A in it) for my name and pick the first photo you see (cuz A is the letter #1 in the alpha, geddit? ;p)

Id like to pass this on to my friends I'll see next weekend in Stavanger...(you sooo better show yourself when Im there eh!!)


Ps. I won't get upset if you won't do the challenge...I mean, I usually suck at doing challenges I'm in the mood! ;p

Psps! Excited for this!!

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4 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Taking everything for much more than it means ~~'

  1. Gine Said,'> 5:06 PM

    Super tøff Hambly LO Ania
    Herlige sommer papirer fra 3ndy


  2. Cindy Said,'> 7:48 AM

    great photo, thanks for having a go.


  3. tovetyll Said,'> 10:04 PM

    awwww det er en av de kuleste lo'ene jeg har sett på lenge, lenge, wow!! (jeg er gal etter rosa, som kjent!) nå ble jeg i supergodt humør, vil scrappescrappe!* ha en flott uke!


  4.'> 4:35 AM

    Dear I so love your color combination! Thanks for inspiring me to use these colors to my LO!Hope you wont mind.TFS.


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