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Posted by Ania On Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Need to vent somewhat.
Undergoing long processes at the hospital sucks. Especially when it leaves you with little to no choice but to take what you're offered re. dates for appointments & surgeries because of having to rely on calling in a foregin specialist in the field. A very busy one (he so better not get sick when he's about to come here cause this was his only available date for the entire year).

It just killed a very cool opportunity I had to travel around&teach a bit in April. Sigh.
Bummer. Totally.
Don't get me wrong. I totally appreciate and really am grateful for the service&efforts from the hosp&doc...just wish it didn't have to crash with already-laid plans and that I was notified way earlier. Like when I started asking around for more info back in January to no avail :(

Post wo photo sucks.
So. Don't think I've shown this layout before -- one of my Fancy Pants layouts for February. Have I mentioned I LOVE the "Splendid" collection? Yeap. Lovelove :)
Photo of my nephews before the wedding-ceremony back around Christmas. I like it. Looks kinda photojournalistic. Or whatever you'd call it. Cool.

Title: Warwick Avenue - Duffy

Ps. Looking forward to this!
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