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~~ I'll be the happy phantom ~~

Posted by Ania On Friday, May 29, 2009
Scrappy stuff first, rite?
Spent a few days at Gry's summerplace with Gry and Eli - ♥
Was amazingly unusually effective, whippin' up three finished (!) layouts & a project. Yay me!
The above is one of the layouts I made - figured I'd join ScrappeHusets 3ndypapir-freestyle-challenge. Never really understood wheter you had to use 3ndypapir or not, but it doesn't matter- I love 3ndypapir and jumped headfirst at the chance of using it again :) :) It looks freestyleish doesn't?? I mean. I even sewed all over the layout, creating curly, whimsical stems for the star-flowers :p ♥ Eli and Vibeche on the photos - hey Vibeche, see - Gry and Eli made sure I did scrap at least some of these photos!! :)

Oh, and I am totally in love with Gry's alcove - it's got the most gorgeous natural lighting I've ever seen and I want that room attached to my house liek, now!! (for photographing kids&layouts in ofc :p and look at the cute blanket that backdrops the layout - so - summerplace-y!!)

We brought Gry's cat along - and I have to say I'm intrigued re cat-photographing sorta. Loves!
(and ya, I got Gry's permission displaying her cat on the blog ;p)

Gry & Eli..
Um ya. Gry and Eli teased me for lying on the ground takin photos of the grass, so I sorta bent backwards and snapped a photo of them upside down as they were behind me. Ha-ha. I know. *rolls eyes* Will make a cute layout!!
Look! There's the cat again!
Made tzatziki. Mmmmm :)

O. There's the cat again! ♥
(and - can you imagine - ISO800. Looovessssssss ♥♥♥ Taken at like, 11pm :p)

Then I had to hurry home early this morning, to pickup this girl:

My lovely, gorgeous niece ♥♥
(and my dad - but he's off to some meetings, won't see him again until tomorrow)

We went to pickup Amalie from the kindergarten, and to take some photos. Look at how cooperative they are *cough*

Then I told them they wasn't allowed to

No laughing!


Off to pickup my sis at the airport now - she's arriving late because she had an exam to take (am so proud of her and her achievments :) :) ).

Have a nice weekend!! :)

Title: " Happy Phantom" -Tori Amos

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8 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ I'll be the happy phantom ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 10:48 PM

    Hey - oppned *fnis* Takk for supre dager på hytta - er alltid så kos der ute og selv med noe påtvungen scrapping for min del (har jo tenkt mer disse dagene enn deg *dååne*) så har det vært toppers. Deilig mat og koselig prat = superdupert! Kos deg på kino - og ha en god helg vennen. Klem <3


  2. Maren Said,'> 11:02 PM

    Så utrolig kjekke bilder! :) Og for en nydelig pus da :) Ha en fin helg Ania!


  3.'> 10:54 AM

    hello hotness! yummy photos and a gorgeous layout. I can never ask for more, eh? LOL :D


  4. _Kine Said,'> 12:54 PM

    Det høres så koselig ut med scrappehyttetur! Kos dere i helga :D


  5.'> 2:49 PM

    Great photos Anne Jo, love the girls and the cat !


  6. jeni Said,'> 2:43 AM

    Just have to tell ya, your new blog design FREAKIN' rocks Ania!!!!!


  7. Sonja Said,'> 1:52 PM

    åhh masse herlige bilder!!! Me like!


  8. Lene - nabon Said,'> 11:17 PM

    Suuuperflott LO og tuuusen takk for at du deltar!!

    Masse fine bilder også!!


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