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~~ Wedding photos, part 2 ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, June 05, 2010

Well, I finished editing the photos – ended up with 171 which made it to editing – going to go through them once again and remove some duplicates I’m not too sure about in a bit.

Nevertheless – figured I’d share more of my favorites that I haven’t shared before. Embrace yourself, cuz there’s a sh*tload of piccies incoming ;p (I hate playing faves!)

Ps. Disclaimer. Somehow I feel that LiveWriter, which I am using to write these blogposts with, doesn’t really maintain the sharpness of the height-photos too well (which I’ve sharpened for web and stuff for display). Keep that in mind! *grumble*

DSC_9751Walking the aisle with dad…always a touching moment..

DSC_9816-2 Getting hiked…fer reals! =)

DSC_9852 I have a soft spot for such looks…gotta love weddings :)

DSC_0114Tried different man and maid of honor in the background. Not quite sure if this one worked..? Looks somewhat cool though, these

DSC_0154-2 I think they pulled off this pose pretty well! :)

(and lol – yeah – was pondering about the sign but weary about doing any major manipulating (guess it’s the press-photographer in me?) – but as more people pointed that out – I decided to try to see how I could fix it (WTB CS5!! I hear it’s amazing in that dep). Replaced the picture - does it look better now? I am no expert in cloning and stuff, but hope it looks professionally enough done that none will notice now :p)

DSC_0163It’s a classic isn’t? Including such huge trees in the background?

DSC_0330 Oh yeah! Loved the geographic lines in the background here. I think this was the only time I used the external flash (although I think I should have used it more often around here because of the sun). Am going to attend a couple workshops about using external flash (yeah, once again :) ) soon – looking forward to these – it’s always useful learning new things & refreshing old stuff I’m not too comfortable with! (One for Canon, which I am using at work, and one for Nikon, which I am using privately (and used for these wedding-photos)).

DSC_0409What can I say? Such a beautiful bride ♥

DSC_0439Remember this picture? Decided to reedit it & crop it tighter. I think this one is a much better version. The old/other picture can be found here.

DSC_0490 Look at me ma, I can jump! =)

DSC_0555MMm strawberries & sparkling drinks!

DSC_0597Lovely laugher all around..

DSC_0677…and touching speeches..


Mmm another ring-shot.. DSC_0734 ..and once more! (although I should have put these on the weathered wood or the rocks outside, instead of this pillow…think these would have given me much more interesting backgrounds..nrgh)

DSC_0743Someone’s looking forward to the cake methinks.

DSC_0756Ooh..the first dance..

DSC_0769 ♥♥♥

Ps. Thank you so much for all the encouragement & advices/tip in the previous post. I will surely keep these with me (maybe I should make myself a little wedding-notebook for such stuff? hm!) for the next wedding! :) I already got several wonderful ideas I am hoping to get around to try out… :)

7 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Wedding photos, part 2 ~~'

  1. Solfrid Said,'> 11:25 AM

    *sukk*^Så nydelige bilder........ :)
    blir aldri lei av å se på bildene du tar, de er så flotte.


  2. Eli Said,'> 11:57 AM

    Det er noe med magien du fanger - alltid like spennende å se på bildene dine! Du klarer å formidle både det nære og det store på en og samme tid. Jeg er imponert!!


  3. Lizzie Said,'> 12:08 PM

    Lovely pictures Ania! Only one comment - are you going to edit out the big road sign that appears in the car shots? It does rather grab the viewer's attention... Hooray for digi photography and editing software though!

    The colours and angles of your pictures are great. They really look professional. I'm sure the bride and groom will be so happy to have these!


  4. Christine Said,'> 12:23 PM

    fine bilder :)

    men, en liten pirketing; på bildet med bruden og forloveren med bilen så ville jeg ha klonet vekk skiltet som er rett ved siden av ansiktet til forloveren, det var ganske forstyrrende ;)


  5. Eli Said,'> 12:51 PM

    Hihi - og jeg som sendte deg mail for å si det om bildet med bruden og forloveren og det skiltet. Kunne jo bare ha skrevet det her ser jeg :P


  6.'> 7:04 PM

    beautiful photos, ania :)! love them! wish you could have been my photographer :). love the angles and the scenery. those trees are cute. what kind of trees are they? thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! *hugs* steph :)


  7. banglamarie Said,'> 11:11 PM

    Nydelige bilder Ania. Du er unik og kjempeflink!!
    Magiske bilder!! De oser av kjærlighet!!


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