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~~ What is it with you that makes me act like this ~~

Posted by Ania On Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another day, another layout :)


I started on this layout at Ellens birthday, aimlessly reworking the pictures around among the papers before suddenly knowing how I wanted it to look like (yay!) – a sort of clustered area with ruffled frame around the photos. The background-paper is an old winter-paper from Sassafras actually, while the rest is Fancy Pants Designs :)sweetmemories_cu1

The cloud and star die-cuts were from the old Splendid-collection. I love that collection and am sad that I’m running out of it here at home!! Notice the three drops at the star? Played some with glossy accent :)sweetmemories_cu2

I made it for the product-spotlight on My Family journaling-book. The journaling-page is from that book. I highlighted the heart w/glossy accent :p The spotty frame-paper is made from the 12x12 notebook from the Artistan collection by the way. The papers in that book are thinner, and thus much more suited for creating such plaids.sweetmemories_cu3The banner-paper and stickers are from the new collection, wishful thinking. It’s such a gorgeous, feminine collection. My niece has her very own scrapbook & stash, which my daughter got to play with when we were visiting her earlier this winter. I guess I should give her her own stash aswell, but……what if I need to use the stuff I give to her myself sooner or later!??? The horror! ;p 

MarieSylta_2010_klut_27 I got a sweet & lovely surprise in the mail yesterday. Marie, also known as Banglamarie, knit this kitchen-towel (hmm, maybe not the correct word for it – it’s used to wash tables and stuff with, not dry – help me out here?) and mailed it to me. Such a thoughtful little gift – I adore it and well, I don’t really want to actually use it because…it’ll end up dirty and stuff! (even if it’s intended to :p)


Ps. If I had an iPhone…I’d totally play this game in Vigelandsparken, Oslo, this summer!! If you’re heading there & have an iPhone – try it out! It’s an interactive game for kids utilizing the whole park :)


Title: “Please don’t leave me” - Pink

9 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ What is it with you that makes me act like this ~~'

  1. Eli Said,'> 8:47 AM

    Layouten ble knall den! -liker den lekne stilen din :)
    Og du; kjøkkenkluter er til for å brukes; jeg vet du kan ;)


  2. Kathy Martin Said,'> 3:55 PM

    Your page is fabulous! Has the look and feel of a beautiful, colorful and favorite quilt! :)


  3. banglamarie Said,'> 5:06 PM

    knalltøff layout! Du er inspirerende :o)

    -og kluten må du bruke ;o) tji hi :o)


  4. Maren Said,'> 6:42 PM

    Superkul layout, digger den. :D Artig å se ting ferdig!

    Kjøkkenklut på engelsk er forøvrig dishcloth. :)


  5. Unknown Said,'> 8:43 AM

    Amazing layout! Love your ruffled frame.


  6.'> 2:57 PM

    girl . . that layout is fabulous ..


  7. Jenn Said,'> 12:02 AM

    Love the pleated border around this.


  8. Manon Keir Said,'> 6:14 AM

    Gorgeous Ania!! Love how you did the frame :)


  9. Sasha Farina Said,'> 3:33 PM

    i *heart* that glossy accented heart. you rock. big time. i know you know that already. i just wanna tell you that, again. and again. *hugs*


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