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~~ Freeeeezing!!

Posted by Ania On Friday, January 26, 2007
Alright. I know I asked for snow some weeks ago. I know I was worried that Amalie would go another year without knowing/recognizing what snow was. Well. I needen't worry. It's been snowing for at least two days now, the snow isn't going away for the moment being and IT'S FRIGGIN COLD HERE!!!!! And tonight I'm going to Oslo with Amalie and it's like, even colder in Oslo and I'm *so* looking forward to that (notice the sarcasm?). Oh, another thing to look forward to: I'm gonna take the nine o'clock plane tonight - alone - with Amalie - who'll most likely be very awake...and overtired....and probably not in a very good mood (she's been kinda grumpy & touchy the last few days - hope it won't be a part of her personality/traits). Oh how I look forward to that! Simen will be busy with a larger basketarrangement tomorrow, while Adrian will be attending a bdayparty for someone in the kindergarten.

Jeje. Here's two new layouts: "Brother in arms" which I made yesterday after yellin loud on Minneriket for a challenge (and boy I got answers and challenges alright - I snapped 5 challenges in this one - use a songtitle, lift this layout, use blondes, use pastels (Oh Baby IS pastel to me :P) and DW2007 from jan 15th: use stamped bullets for the journaling :P)
The other layout, "Play that funky music baby" was my contribution to Scrappefeber but didn't make the audition. And tbqh, apart from the layouts which really stood out and deservingly got many votes, I suspect that a very few of the layouts which made it just did so because to put it..a few "friendly votings". I know it's not nice to say so, and I know that hey, it happens and that's the way it is - and always has been (If I have the choice of two LO's I think are equally smashing I tend to go for the LO whose maker I know - so I'm not better off myself) - but I'm allowed to say it's slightly annoying in this case. But. The taste of people really IS different, I've learned that LO's of others I've been gushing about wasn't all that for some of my friends. And as a disclaimer, I'm not disappointed about not making it, I'm just annoyed that it's most likely the reason why some LO's actually made it over others imho ...more deserving ones (I saw at least three-four other great layouts which I find weird didn't make it against these :p)
Anyways! I seem to whine a lot lately, but it's unintentional...honest ;)
I love these pictures of Adrian and Amalie - it makes me think of that song which goes "play that funky music white boy"...the expression on her face when she finally makes the tune, and how caring her brother is trying to show her how to blow - I'm very happy to have been able to capture that :) Now. Off to pack for the weekend!

Snø snø snø. Kaldt kaldt kaldt. Sånn kan de to siste dagene oppsummeres iallefall. Brr!
Har iallfall fått laget en LO igår etter å ha ropt høyt etter en utfordring på Minneriket - og fått grundig med sånne og :p Her er hele fem utfordringer fluet sammen! Yay! :) Legger også ved bidraget mitt til scrappefeber...å safe det var ikke så lurt gitt, den skilte seg ikke akkurat nevneverdig ut - og det visste jeg jo egentlig på forhånd :p Kan ikke akkurat si jeg er enig med alle LO'ene som kom videre - de fleste var fabelaktige og fortjente det, mens noen veldig få, ikke min smak..og jeg hadde gjerne sett andre LO'er i deres sted... men sånn er det bare....smaken er som baken og godt er det vel? :p

Anyways!! Nå MÅ jeg pakke til Oslo og prøve å scrappe sjokoladeplata (to uker på en sjokoladeplate og enda ikke begynt...right!)! Og så HÅPER jeg at jeg får til å treffe Gyda, Kristin og Kathrine imorgen før jeg drar til pappa! Jeg MÅ det - selv om det bare blir fem minutter...*fnis* *vinkevinke* *stikke av* :P

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2 intriguing feedbacks to '~~ Freeeeezing!!'

  1. Heidi Said,'> 9:52 PM

    *dåne*...DIGGA den "blods brødre" layouten!!!!! KNALL KUL!!!!
    Bidraget til scrappefeber var også flott!!!! Du har endret veldig *stil* i det site...og den var på en måte veldig *gamle Ania*...utfra mine øyne da.



  2. _Kine Said,'> 10:00 AM

    Jeg digga bidraget ditt til Scrappefeber! Bildene på layouten er priceless, og jeg syns det var en veldig "deg"-layout. Jeg fikk ikke stemt (orka ikke helt å styre med cookies meg her og meg der), men jeg syns det er kjipt at du ikke gikk videre :(

    Blodsbrødre-lo'en blei skikkelig kul! Håper dere kom dere trygt fram til Oslo.


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